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CAIR Congress

Anti-Peace Alliance Rallies Against Emirati-Israeli Treaty

by Hany Ghoraba  •  August 21, 2020  •  Special to IPT News In a historic agreement, the Ued Arab Emirates and Israel agreed last week to normalize relations. As a result, Israel and the UAE are establishing diplomatic ties and Israel announced that it

@DonaldTrump Cover Up

HHS and Big Pharma are taking us for a ride!

From the War Room  By Sheila G, August 14, 2020 Thomas Paine is one of my absolute favorites. I listened to his podcast Season 1, Episode 18 – Robert "Bobby" Kennedy Jr. Drops Absolute Bombshells on Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci,

(CAIR) Evil

Prioritizing Violence Over Development, Hamas Resumes Arson Attacks to Coerce

IPT News  August 14, 2020 Hamas operatives in Gaza load balloons with gas to spark fires inside southern Israel. Tensions are on the rise between Israel and Hamas after the terrorist group recently resumed its arson terrorism campaign, encouraging Palestinians

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