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#WalkAway Special Report

Where is the world is Juan O Savin?

Steel Truth Venezuela, Covid and who can you trust...a conversation with Juan Savin I had the pleasure of spening an incredible evening on the phone with Juan last week and he pulled everything into focus and context regarding ALL the

#WalkAway US Politics

U.S. Spends $19 Million to Help Africa Deal with Grasshopper

In the middle of a health and financial crisis that is crushing the economy and millions of American lives, the U.S. government is dedicating a mind-boggling $19 million to help Africa deal with a grasshopper issue. Known as locusts, the

#WalkAway Anti-Semitic

Ignoring All Others, Anti-Israel Campus Groups Use Coronavirus to Attack

by Ariel Behar IPT News April 3, 2020 As the first coronavirus cases reached Gaza, anti-Israel groups launched a social media campaign to falsely smear Israel for allegedly blocking needed medical aid. "This could become one of the worst outbreaks

#WalkAway Democrats

ABC Asks Biden to Blame Virus Deaths on Trump, Ignores

By Nicholas Fondacaro | April 5, 2020  President Trump treated the coronavirus press briefings as though they were “a reality TV show,” ABC and chief anchor George Stephanopoulos invited former Vice President Joe Biden onto This Week to buoy his oxygen-less campaign. One of

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