• July 22, 2024

Politics dangerous times in America

By Frank D. Lovell American Patriots Free State of Florida Politics! As we live through these past few years being recorded into our history, it will be known as one of the most dangerous times in America. I watched the Republican Convention & couldn’t help feeling this wasn’t a ‘Republican Convention’, it was an ‘American […]Read More

State Department Destroyed Docs Tying It to Afghanistan Terror Cash

July 19, 2024 By Daniel Greenfield   This is criminal behavior. Under Biden, the State Department has done everything possible to cover up its actions in Afghanistan. I have been writing about the ongoing struggle between State and the Afghanistan watchdog (SIGAR). In June, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction’s office (SIGAR), dispatched letters to Secretary […]Read More

Biden Has Four Options. Which One Will He Choose?

Jul 19, 2024 By Robert Spencer It’s looking increasingly as if Old Joe Biden is coming to the end of his disastrous reign as the figurehead of the most America-Last, authoritarian administration this country has ever suffered, but even as speculation mounts that we have entered the last period of Biden misrule, there is no […]Read More

Police Chief Investigated for Fraud Out as Air Marshal Deputy

After just a few weeks the Biden administration’s egregious choice to serve as Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) deputy director has stepped down, thanks in part to Judicial Watch’s reporting. Americans can also thank the highly trained aviation security specialists who brought it to our attention and the Air Marshal National Council, the union that represents thousands […]Read More

Biden Backs Plan to Destroy the Third Branch of Government

By M DOWLING –July 16, 2024 Joe Biden supports giving the legislative branch oversight of Supreme Court Justices’ ethics. This would eliminate the Supreme Court as a separate and co-equal branch of government. This action alone would politicize the court, making it subservient to the legislative branch. Biden also supports term limits. Democrats will destroy […]Read More

The Left Hates J.D. Vance

Jul 16, 2024 By Robert Spencer And that’s the best argument in his favor. Donald Trump’s choice for vice president, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), is, according to the Washington Post, “a rising star in the Republican Party and previously outspoken Trump critic who in recent years has closely aligned himself with the former president.” The leftist establishment media will in […]Read More

Iran’s Ambitions, and Their Limits

Jul 15, 2024   By Hugh Fitzgerald Benjamin Kerstein several years ago found a number of parallels between the Nazi regime and present-day Iran. I agree with most, but not all, of his observations, which remain relevant and can be found here. Imperialism: The Nazi regime’s primary short-term goal was to create a Europe-wide empire […]Read More


By Byron York    July 14, 2024 TRUMP: ‘I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE‘: Former President Donald Trump can’t stop thinking about the way he moved his head in the split second before a gunman, intent on assassinating him, pulled the trigger during the former president’s speech in Pennsylvania Saturday evening. Trump was standing at […]Read More