• February 27, 2021

Biden, Psaki, And Harris Under Fire For Past Tweets Criticizing

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and press secretary Jen Psaki are under fire after their past tweets lashing at former president Donald Trump’s military actions resurfaced — as the Democratic president approved airstrikes in Syria killing at least 22 people. Biden in 2019 called Trump “erratic” and “impulsive” when he threatened to bomb Iran […]Read More

Women Of Democrat Party Strangely Silent On Andrew Cuomo Sexual

High ranking women of the Democrat party are conspicuously silent about the sexual harassment scandal engulfing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. What happened to me too? What happened to believe all women? Where are the woman Democrats who shrieked about all of this during the Kavanaugh hearings? Was it all just for show? Was it […]Read More

Liberals and Never-Trumpers Team Up to Attack Rep. Paul Gosar

Liberal activists (masquerading as journalists) and Never-Trumpers are teaming up to go after Rep. Paul Gosar for giving a compelling ‘America First‘ themed speech during the second annual America First Political Action Conference on Friday evening. Other speakers at the event included conservative icon Michelle Malkin, former representative Steve King, Vincent James of Red Elephants […]Read More

Steven Crowder Revealed Voter Fraud This Past Week on His

Steven Crowder held two shows this week where he reported on voter fraud.  He must be right on target because he was banned on Twitter. Steven Crowder spent two shows this week going over voter fraud that he and his staff personally proved.  He went to hundreds of addresses across several swing states establishing that […]Read More

Maricopa County judge finds GOP Senate subpoenas of election materials

by Kaelan Deese, Breaking News Reporter  February 26, 2021 The Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona, found that the state’s Senate Republicans’ subpoenas of election materials and equipment are “legal and enforceable.” “The Court finds that Subpoenas are legal and enforceable. There is no question that the Senators have the power to issue legislative subpoenas,” […]Read More

The Calm Through The Storm

I went camping this past weekend, to clear my head, in anticipation of one of my “aha” moments that would provide a list of solutions for everyone seeking to navigate this tyrannical turmoil we are all facing. I must have been busting at the seams for that light bulb moment, because the day before I […]Read More

Female Athlete Shreds Biden Administration To Withdraw Lawsuit: We Deserve

The Biden Administration’s Department of Justice decided to withdraw its support of a lawsuit this week, pushed by three high school female athletes that would block biological males (transgender females) from competing in girls’ sports in Connecticut. Former Attorney General Bill Barr supported the lawsuit because he said Connecticut’s law allowing this to happen does […]Read More

Survey Finds Democrats’ Greatest Concern Is Scary Trump Supporters

A new poll has found something that is at the same time disturbing and hilarious. It asked people about their greatest concerns. Republicans listed traditional issues like the economy and illegal immigration. The number one issue for Democrats was how scared they are of Trump supporters. Seriously. The Blaze reports: Survey: GOP is concerned about […]Read More

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