• June 4, 2023

2021 AZ Elections Procedures Draft Analysis: OVER 170 Fraud Concerns Found By EZAZ – 45 Issues Published As Of This Morning

 2021 AZ Elections Procedures Draft Analysis: OVER 170 Fraud Concerns Found By EZAZ – 45 Issues Published As Of This Morning

rizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has already been busted trying to cheat in the 2022 midterm election.

EZAZ.org has orgnaized volunteers to examine the 2021 Elections Procedures Manual Draft and they are finding serious fraud capabilities.

Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported that EZAZ found over 170 preliminary concerns with the 2021 Election Manual Draft.

AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Tries to Cheat Again: EZAZ Civic Action Group Finds 170 Issues with Her Elections Manual

Today, EZAZ released more batches of problems that were identified.

The issues  are posted on EZAZ.org, with instructions on how to leave a public comment.

Submit Public Comment to Secretary Hobbs on the Draft Election Manual

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, running for Governor, released her new Election Manual draft, which will govern election operations in 2022.

Nothing in the law prevents Katie Hobbs from inserting new requirements she invented into her Manual to change the operation of our 2022 election significantly! As we saw in the last election, the Election Manual is treated nearly equal to law by the courts, so we must catch the shenanigans NOW! 

EZAZ.org organized nearly 60 volunteers to review the Election Manual and find the anomalies that impact the integrity or transparency of the elections.

Until September 8th, EZAZ.org will release the issues in batches on our website. 

45 Issues Published as of This Morning!

A Summary of NEW Major Concerns:

Arbitrary Hand Count Requirement of ONLY 400 per Batch

Stacking Hand Count Requirement to Mis-Align Ballots

Inconsistent Voter ID Requirements

Lack of Procedures to Stop Duplicate Voting

Voter Name & Address Changes During Closed Books Period

Inconsistent Voter Assistance Requirements Asking Who the Voter Wants to Vote for Including Policy Preferences

Curbside Voting with Incomplete Instructions

Transport of Ballot Concerns

Residency Requirements for Transient Voters

Insufficient Election Close-Out Instructions including Chain of Custody and Bi-Partisan Board Concerns

Lack of Transparency on Official Ballot Reports by Voting Location

No Daily Voting Location Close-Out Procedures

Open USB Ports

Insufficient and Inconsistent Voter Notices

Public comment is due before 5 pm on September 8th. 

We need your help to submit public comment!

Click the link below!

EZAZ.org: Election Manual Public Comment

Click the link to make your voice heard and prevent these fraudulent election measures from taking effect.

Katie Hobbs is running for Governor of Arizona in the next election. After her role in the 2020 crime of the century, she must be stopped!

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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