• January 29, 2023

Democrats can save America??

 Democrats can save America??

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

Democrats can save America???????

By Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida


We know how to reduce crime, it’s called the threat of punishment, the one thing all criminals understand. That threat involves boots on the ground by people who swore an oath to protect & serve & uphold our laws & constitution. That is the legal presence involving research, surveillance, investigation & community help followed by prosecutors & judges who also swore an oath, that is the process to a safe community. We have reduced crime in the past using this process.
Yes, you put them in a prison, the one place no one would want to be. These are not confused or wayward individuals, they are fully aware of their actions & see no punishment, if arrested they are released within hours. They have long criminal histories demonstrating a threat to their communities. Realizing we know what works the huge question remains, why are we not doing this, why are politicians in various states & cities not utilizing this process to assure safe communities for their citizens leaving them with no voice in government?
Recently in Georgia, celebrity’s homes were robbed resulting in 4 career criminals being arrested & suspected of 15 home invasions. If you don’t lock up criminals, they will be in your home. I wonder why politicians would pass legislation giving the IRS 80 billion $ to hire 87,000 more agents but not a dime to state law enforcement or I’m sure the Border Patrol could use 80 billion $. They won’t investigate Bill gates or Facebook, maybe the fossil fuel companies & definitely you.
I hear a certain Party accuse others of subverting our democracy, let’s consider this. The legislative process involves committees, one example is the Senate Financial Committee made of Democrats & Republicans. A bill is submitted to the Committee & it is debated, evidence is presented to support various positions which results in adjustments & a compromise, that is the democratic process. The reality, Dems submit a bill outside of Committee & it is voted on without discussion, without any input, that process is a subversion of our democracy, the People have no voice.
Congress has an approval rate of 16%, 85% of Americans believe the mainstream media is untrustworthy & not reliable in providing accurate info, and many employed in media are college-educated Democrats.
Now we have the DOJ authorizing a raid on a former President’s home, if that wasn’t bad enough, the worst part is no official statement as to why they did it. My guess, it’s all about Jan 6th, that is what they are looking for. What do ya think they will do when they can’t find anything to justify what they did? Now the next he next day the FBI confiscated a phone of a Republican congressman, is there anyone who doesn’t believe the Justice Dept is out of control & and working for the Dem party?
I could write forever on the issues facing America & that is a part of the problem there are so many attacks on our Republic it would take forever to express them all. Americans are not faced with incompetence; we are faced with intentional evil actions by those who want to destroy America as we know it. At this point, we are left with only 2 options to save America, a massive Patriot vote in November to stop the bleeding & another massive vote in the next Presidential election to put America back on course. I hesitate to mention the 2nd option involving the 2nd amendment which must be avoided at all costs. Our Founders gave us the avenue to protect America & that happens in November.
I can’t stress this enough & I know it’s very depressing, but we must do it. Yes, we must communicate with Democrats, everyone we know. It’s critical that they are aware this is not the JFK Democratic Party, that has been infiltrated & controlled by radical socialists’ members of Congress who have instilled a fear in the moderate Democrats forcing them to go along rather than question policies. We must communicate to the average American Democrats to stand up & save the Democratic Party; they must make known they are American Patriot Democrats who expect their government representatives to do what is best for America. They can turn this around if they are forceful with their elected officials, let them know if they stand up for America, they have their support when it comes to voting. Only the Democrats base can get the JFK Party back. This is the conversation we need to have with the Dems we know. Yes, I know it’s depressing but losing America is much more depressing Patriots, & the clock is ticking. Maybe just copy this last paragraph & get it to them, let them think about it.
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