• September 30, 2022

5 Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside The System

 5 Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside The System

Tyranny seems to be the main entree on the menu these days, but there are so many wonderful appetizers and other dishes to generate the fuel you need to succeed during a time that requires a lot of faith, intention, and determination. Together, we can build a future that provides abundance, financial security, and a thriving community, outside of the system the globalists are trying to create for us. The first step begins with accepting that things are changing, as perception is the key to getting you through it.

There is a big opportunity right now to take advantage of this transformative time and shift it to our benefit. Don’t get caught up in the distractions chipping away at your time – keep your eyes on the prize – communities that thrive all on their own.

In order to build a better future for our families, it’s going to require a community effort, creative endeavors, and thinking outside the box that the globalists want to keep you in. Building a strong foundation should include food security, energy supply, housing, health, and financial security. Their goal is to make everyone feel as though they have lack, no access, and no control, but the truth is that people have far more power, talents, skills, and heart than they want people to believe – so prove them wrong!

They taught an entire civilization to be co-dependent, convinced everyone that luxuries are necessities, and channeled a prioritization list of nonsense into the minds of millions, that put “family” at the bottom. It’s time to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. Perception and intention are two very key ingredients to productivity and manifestation, so look at this as an adventure in reclaiming your soul, your power, and your life. There is no more time to waste. Let’s get going!

Below are 5 business models for earning a living while also building up communities to get ahead of their agenda, and to provide part of the foundation needed to thrive. If all 5 business models areRead More

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