• January 30, 2023

73M Americans Know Someone Who Died From Vax Injury – More Dems Than GOP

 73M Americans Know Someone Who Died From Vax Injury – More Dems Than GOP

A new Rasmussen report out this week asked people about COVID vaccine deaths and polled them on whether vaccine dangers are baseless conspiracy theories. The poll shows that 73 million (73M) Americans say they know someone who died from vaccine side effects. More Democrats say they know someone who they think died from vaccine injury than Republicans.

The key findings might surprise you:
  • 28% of adults say they know someone whose death was caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines. Another 61% said no, and 10% were not sure.
  • More people (48%) are concerned about Covid vaccine injuries than 37% who think that Covid vaccine injuries are conspiracy theories.
  • Republicans are more likely to be concerned about vaccine safety.

The Covid vaccine injury is no longer the stuff of conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, it is taking the deaths of so many young people to counter the conspiracy theory myth.

More Republicans (60%) than Democrats (44%) or the unaffiliated (43%) think there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Political differences fade when it comes to those who suspect someone they know might have died from vaccine side effects. A surprising 33% of Democrats and 26% of both Republicans and the unaffiliated suspect someone died from vax injury.

The reason is that more Democrats than Republicans are believed to be vaccinated.

Sadly, Democrats believe everything their party tells them. The media heavily influence them, a media that is biased toward the state and the Democrat Party. It becomes an echo chamber.

The poll shows that the younger the people are, the more likely they are to know a Covid vaccine victim who died from a Covid vaccine.

The poll shows that 35% of adults under 40 believe someone they know personally might have died from vaccine side effects, compared to 28% of those 40-64 and just 14% of Americans 65 and older.

We know that the myocarditis and pericarditis effects from the vaccine have hit the youth.

Only 34% of young people label vaccine safety concerns as “conspiracy theories,” whereas more (43%) of old people call vaccine safety concerns “conspiracy theories.”

God bless the youth.

The fact that youth see this coincides with the theories of excess deaths. They are the ones most affected. It’s a legitimate poll, and people appear to have answered honestly.

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