• March 23, 2023

A Corrupt AG and Aged Segregationist President Signal It’s OK to Harass Justices

 A Corrupt AG and Aged Segregationist President Signal It’s OK to Harass Justices


Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Christopher Wray will do nothing to stop the harassment of the Supreme Court Justices.

ShutDownDC had a tracker to let them know where Justice Kavanaugh was dining so they could launch a protest. They chased Justice Kavanaugh out of a restaurant this week and now the restaurant is being hassled. This is the Justice who faced a serious death threat.

Garland is nowhere to be found to protect them and Joe Biden will not condemn it. This is how they want to do business.


ShutDownDC, a radical leftist group has put out harassment hits on the conservative justices. This type of assault on our third branch of government is highly consequential yet we aren’t hearing anything from Attorney General Merrick Garland, the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

ShutDownDC is paying people to give out the Justices’ locations whenever they’re sighted so these communist and somewhat dangerous bottom feeders can attack them.

Apparently, that’s okay with Merrick Garland. He’s more interested in keeping Shaman, the J6 protester with the Buffalo horns, in prison for five years.


President Barack Obama walks on the Colonnade to the Oval Office with Vice President Joe Biden and Chief Judge Merrick B. Garland after delivering a statement.

Joe Biden doubled down, essentially joining with the radical leftists. He denigrated and lied about the Supreme Court abortion decision, The Court’s decision was not extreme. They merely turned the decision about abortion laws back over to the states and the people. Biden is overreaching and attempting to control the Court. He is also messaging the radicals that they can assail the Justices. He will not tell them to stop harassing the Justices.

The senile old segregationist Joe Biden trashed the Justices overseas as well last week. His behavior is despicable. He and his Democrat allies and J6 witch hunt committee are destroying the Constitution and the Republic.

If Republicans take back power, they must impeach Garland and Joe Biden. Keep them busy as they did to Donald Trump.



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