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Afghanistan — The Atrocity Continues!

 Afghanistan — The Atrocity Continues!


By L.C. Vincent.

I admit to being naive when I first heard of the American military pullout from Afghanistan. While I criticized the idea of leaving behind a token force of 600 soldiers, I was more than happy to know we were leaving behind a 20 year seemingly endless war with ill-defined and ever changing goalposts. I surmised that these 600 brave souls might be considered the equivalent of the few brave souls at Benghazi, to be thoughtlessly sacrificed, perhaps to the God of Mars, should the Taliban threat return more rapidly than the geniuses in the Faux Biden regime anticipated.

Rejecting the Trump Roadmap

Never in my wildest dreams, even when confronted daily with the witless, destructive policies of this administration’s Marxist elite, did I ever conjure in my imagination the atrocity with which the Biden regime has transformed our “withdrawal” from Afghanistan. The Biden/Harris Whitehouse received a roadmap from Trump, a stratified withdrawal strategy that would have enabled them to bring out all of our American civilians, soldiers and most of our military hardware compared to this debacle the world is now witnessing. As we shall see, TDS or Trump Derangement Symptom, had an exceedingly large role in this disaster, a story hardly mentioned in above ground news sources.

A pitiful, helpless Giant

When I learned of the humanitarian and geopolitical crises well after Biden announced our withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11th (no doubt curiously chosen to weirdly commemorate another apparent Middle Eastern victory over The Great Satan), I was at first incredulous, then astonished, then utterly horrified to learn that the Biden regime had not even bothered evacuate American civilians first, or the Embassy staff, or all of our valuable military hardware (Jet fighters, Blackhawk helicopters, tanks, armored HumVees, field artillery, grenade launchers, rifles, pistols, land millions of rounds of ammunition). All the above should have been safely transferred to the American “homeland,” FIRST, so we could gradually extract the remaining military forces to adhere to the arbitrary 9/11 timetable Biden had established.

Biden toadies rejected the U.S. Embassy staff’s warning

But that’s not the way it went down. Sleepy Joe and his effete, woke, Ivy League advisors — who cling to him like the barnacles on the hull of the Queen Mary — had decided, given the thimble deep depths of their foreign policy experience, that The Taliban could not possibly breakthrough and cause serious security risks for at least another 2 To 6 months. This, despite a direct communique’ issued by 23 of our embassy staff in Kabul, and admittedly read by State Department head Antony Blinken, that the withdrawal of our troops would cause the fall of the Afghan government within mere days!

The lag time between our departure and The Taliban takeover took hardly more than a week. The meteoric fall of the Afghan government installed by the U.S. has created the most horrific scenario any serious student of history would immediately recognize as an utter social/military and political DISASTER.

Biden—NO concern for American lives, civilian or military

Rather than start the evacuation of Afghanistan with the American civilians who were living around the country — not just in Kabul, but throughout Afghanistan — Biden and his cronies never even considered the safety and security of the thousands of American citizens already spread around the country; just as his lackeys never gave the most cursory thought to evacuating loyal Afghanis and their families, or to the extraction and transportation of the BILLIONS of dollars of military hardware they left all over that country, now to be used to arm The Taliban, Isis, and Al Qaeda. Further, the most technologically advanced pieces of ourn military hardware (jets and Blackhawk helicopters) are now being transferred to China and Russia for further study. NONE of the above registered with Team Biden; the political bean counters had made their decision, and now the world would be expected to conform to their self-delusions.

Only a few days later, we are horrified to learn that the entire country has already fallen to the Taliban, and that they have cordoned off Kabul International Airport, controlling both access and egress from that critical piece of tarmac after Biden idiotically surrendered Bagram air field to the enemy. Hurriedly, like the circus clown he truly is, Biden ordered 6,000 plus military troops who had just returned from Afghanistan to go back to where they had just come from… to try to provide “security” for the pandemonium our blanket military departure had just unleashed.

Biden to Trapped Americans — Get to the Airport… Somehow…

In the meantime, various officials from our government and “State” (of Insanity?) Department have publicly admitted that they do not know exactly how many Americans are still currently stuck and “sheltering in place” in Afghanistan. They have supposedly informed these remaining Americans thru various media that they are to somehow make their way to the Kabul Airport, BUT the U.S. Government cannot and will not come looking for them, nor escort them, nor guarantee their safety and security once they head for the airport!

Reflecting the Ghosts of Saigon

And shades of the ghosts of Saigon, we have seen videos of our embassy staff boarding roof top helicopters while rockets and bombs explode all around the U.S. Embassy grounds. We see Afghan women with rifles, ready to die rather than be returned to the Stone Age by the victorious Taliban; we see desperate Afghanis clinging to the sides of military cargo planes flying escapees out of the country, then falling to their deaths several moments later, perhaps better to die from the effects of gravity and crashing into Mother Earth rather than suffer the tender mercies and the dismembering swords of the Taliban.

American Lives NOT a Priority…

If you thought this situation could not get worse, you’re wrong. It became clear from the very first flights out of Afghanistan that the American government was not giving ANY priority to American citizens over the native Afghanis. It was first come, first served, and it is clear to anyone that all the Biden people cared about was bringing in Afghanis into America and then distributing them and their 3.5 relatives (via chain migration) to various red state districts to turn them blue when Team Biden legalizes them, along with the estimated 2.2 MILLION illegal aliens from over 100 countries now pouring over our Southern border, who are also being distributed around America, COVID status irrelevant and unknown.

What we are witnessing is the utter humiliation of America, as well as the potential slaughter of between ten and forty THOUSAND Americans, and tens of thousands of loyal Afghanis, put directly at risk by the cavalier cretin who thinks he is President, surrounded by his sniveling, wet-behind-the-ears panty waists who are far more concerned about their social “wokeness” quotient than saving American and Afghani lives!

Biden Hands World Leadership Over to China and Russia

The leadership of China and Russia are gloating and enjoying this sordid spectacle. They know how utterly foolish, powerless and humiliating the film and video reports out of Kabul look like to the rest of the world. As China now casts lustful eyes towards a sobered Taiwan, they are signaling to the Taiwanese government that, to paraphrase: “…the Americans cannot be trusted to keep their commitments. Why do you think they will come to your rescue should we decide to invade and regain the runaway, renegade province of Taiwan?…”.

Planning for Every Contingency… Except This One!

Of course, Biden was pulled out of his slumber and his vacation at Camp David to address the Nation. Predictably, he lied. He said “they” had planned for every contingency. Every contingency, apparently, except the one that unfolded throughout Afghanistan and Kabul, despite the accurate and direct warning from our Embassy staff. Predictably, Biden expressed no regrets, claimed he and his clueless clown posse had made no mistakes or misjudgments, and then predictably blamed Donald Trump for the unfolding human tragedy.

Biden’s TDS Cancels Trump’s Crisis Response Bureau

Here is where the lies of omission really begin to pile up. After Donald Trump had negotiated a staged withdrawal of American civilians and our military with the Taliban leadership, he instituted the funding of The Contingency and Crisis Response bureau. This bureau was established by Trump to handle the problems the American military and civilians now face in Afghanistan right this moment — the logistical support for transporting humanity out of the country as well as the necessary medical and diplomatic support. The State Department’s pin stripped pants wunderkind Antony Blinken scrubbed that entire bureau once they came into power, ostensibly because it had been established by Trump, regardless of the fact that it was designed to ELIMINATE the very problems the Biden/Harris clown posse have created.

Raheem Kassam at The National Pulse stated: “Career officials inside the State Department objected to the Trump-era aim of creating a Contingency and Crisis Response bureau with the express purpose of avoiding a future Benghazi-style situation for Americans overseas.

“Instead, Biden’s team revoked the funding and the approval for the plan, even as the COVID-19 crisis reasserted itself, and Afghanistan withdrawal loomed…
“The decision to pause the program may have come as early as February, both undermining the original Trump-era date for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and certainly giving the Taliban time to threaten American assets and lives on the run up to Joe Biden’s September 11th date of withdrawal.”

The Real Reasons Why We Invaded Afghanistan

One other item of interest surfaced during the time that “Escape from Afghanistan” was posted. Naturally, I had rejected the standard rational for our occupation of Afghanistan (American security) and instead posited that we were there 1.) so that the CIA could cut out the middle men from their poppy crop for the production of opium and heroin they sell around the world to finance their Black Budget operations; 2.) to gain less costly access to the country’s mineral wealth, including 80% of the world’s known source of Lithium (for batteries); and 3.) so that the American military/industrial complex, especially Halliburton, could reap huge financial benefits for the supply the war material necessary for this near-eternal occupation.

Assange Offers the Fourth Reason We Went to Afghanistan

While all of these issues are valid reasons for our 20 year Afghan residency, another reason recently re-surfaced thru Julian Assange, who stated categorically in 2010 that “..the (American) goal was not to completely subjugate Afghanistan; the goal (was) to use Afghanistan, to wash money out of the tax basis of the United States, out of the tax basis of European countries thru Afghanistan and back into the hands of the trans-national security elite. That is the goal, i.e., the goal is to have an “endless war,” not a successful one.” Assange made this statement TEN years ago, when the war in Afghanistan was only ten years old. It seems Mr. Assange’s analysis may very well have been quite prescient, as we spent ANOTHER ten years in Afghanistan after his revelation and we still accomplished NOTHING!

Is Afghan Crisis Simply a Distraction to Hide the Audit Results?

As reporter, Lara Logan opined on Tucker Carlson’s FOX news show last on 18 August, if America had the Will to change matters, even now America could stop all Taliban communications and transportation throughout the country, and we could extract and transport Americans and loyal Afghanis out of harms way without the drama of crossing Taliban check points. But someone who is pulling Joe Biden’s strings wants things to play out exactly as chaotically as we are all now witnessing via the media. Someone behind Biden is far more interested in bringing in tens of thousands of Afghanis and have them distributed throughout the American interior, while our porous, non-existent Southern border is an open invitation for Taliban terrorists to enter our “homeland” and begin attacking our infrastructure and power grid while slaughtering and beheading American civilians for sport.

Face it… when a country is run by a pride of impudent Marxist snobs who laugh at Biden while pulling his strings and whispering into his earpiece, this is what you should expect. While Biden pretends to answer questions by the laughable gaggle of wannabe media poseurs currently known as The American Press, the deaths, atrocities, and outrages mount by the day.

Welcome to the fruits of the 2020 American Coup, whose high tech masterminds were outlined in an article by Time Magazine that boasted of this conspiracy to sabotage the election of Donald Trump, the American people’s choice. Afghanistan is the shining atrocity that will prove to be the millstone around the neck of their arrogance and hubris; and as always, it is the American people, and innocents around the world, who will end up paying for their treasonous stupidity!

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