• May 24, 2022

America First Legal fights

 America First Legal fights

Fighting back for US!

NEW VIDEO: Ian Prior – “DOJ Would Rather Investigate Parents than Protect Supreme Court…”

Watch → America First Legal Senior Adviser Ian Prior Argues the Biden Administration is a Cat’s Paw for the Radical Left…

AFL – Top Headlines…

America First Legal Continues Fighting for Border Security in New SCOTUS Brief: “As the nation’s leading legal nonprofit battling for American Sovereignty we are proud to filing this brief in our continued effort to end Biden’s open borders madness plaguing our nation. We will not rest in this righteous crusade…”

AFL Sues Biden Admin Over Records Relating To Purging Christians, Conservatives From The Military: “America First Legal filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration to compel the release of records relating to the Department of Defense’s role in supporting an ideological cleansing of political conservatives and Christians from the military…”

America First Legal Files Brief Urging SCOTUS To Rein In The Corporate Media’s Power To Lie With Civil Impunity: “America First Legal (AFL) filed a brief at the Supreme Court of the United States, urging the Court to grant Dr. Carter Page’s petition for a writ of certiorari and to reconsider its decision in New York Times v. Sullivan. Dr. Page’s case arises out of the Russia Collusion hoax—a political dirty trick without any parallel in…”

America First Legal Urges Supreme Court to Enforce Federal Anti-Discrimination Law & Prohibit Harvard from Using Race In Admissions: “Federal anti-discrimination statutes have clearly and unambiguously prohibited all forms of racial discrimination at universities that receive federal funds, with no exceptions for affirmative action or other diversity initiatives. Yet Harvard and other universities have been flouting this…”

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America First Legal Foundation is a national, nonprofit organization that works to promote the rule of law in the United States, prevent executive overreach, ensure due process and equal protection for all Americans, and to encourage the diffusion of knowledge and understanding of the law and individual rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution and the laws of the United States.

611 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE | #231

Washington, DC 20003

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