• December 9, 2022

America First Legal just sued the National Archives and Records

 America First Legal  just sued the National Archives and Records


Fellow Patriot,

We just sued the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for its refusal to release Joe Biden’s records from his time as Vice-President.

They’re stonewalling us. Why? Because we requested the following: 

All communications by Vice-President Biden with his son Hunter and his brother James;

Official government travel by Hunter and James and their visits to the White House;

We know they’re hiding this potentially explosive information. How? 

Because in their response to our records request, they were forced to admit that ~29,760 e-mails on Hunter Biden, James Biden & others associated with Hunter Biden’s shady investment firms like Rosemont Seneca Partners were in their possession– but they refused to turn them over!

Before the 2020 elections, the FBI suppressed the Hunter Biden Laptop story by spreading disinformation and urging social media censorship, all to protect Joe Biden. Now the National Archives is doing the same. NARA is concealing federal records pertaining to the radical corruption of President Biden’s family–and not providing them to us as the law requires.

Biden is hiding his corruption and the illegal dealings of those around him. Our lawsuit will uncover the truth and expose the facts.

Help us continue the fight and expose the truth right now >> 

Thank you for your crucial support and friendship,

Stephen Miller

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