• January 19, 2022

America’s Multiple Personality Disorder

 America’s Multiple Personality Disorder

For those wondering, I do not have a college degree, by choice. I did accumulate over 100 credit hours just for fun. I never saw the point in investing one’s time, energy, and money in learning things I either cared nothing about or knew was a bunch of bull. Many of the courses I enjoyed were art-related, but there was one subject that always intrigued me – human behavior and psychology. I’ll never forget standing in front of the podium and giving a speech on the report I did on multiple personality disorder. Being in the spotlight was never my thing, so remembering the sheer terror that ran through me is hard to forget. I remember the beginning, the ending, and the A+, but everything in between is a bit fuzzy because I was so focussed on breathing. Looking back, that report could have been written about all of America as a whole.

Multiple personality disorder isn’t anything to joke about, as it’s a serious condition people suffer from, but if you’ll allow me a little leeway on the sarcasm, and follow along, I think you’ll conclude that I’m on to something.


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