• December 6, 2023

Another Billionaire Donor is Abandoning Far Left Columbia University Over Anti-Semitism on Campus

 Another Billionaire Donor is Abandoning Far Left Columbia University Over Anti-Semitism on Campus

In October, billionaire Leon Cooperman announced live on FOX Business that he would no longer donate money to Columbia University over the pro-Hamas demonstrations that were taking place there. He said that the students have s**t for brains.

Now another billionaire named Henry Swieca is pulling his support from the school for the same reasons.

This is a very loud wake up call for higher education in America. This is how things get changed.

When these far left indoctrination factories see their funding dry up, they might finally get the message that people are tired of this.

FOX News reports:

Jewish billionaire resigns from Columbia board citing ‘moral cowardice,’ making Jews feel unsafe on campus

A Jewish billionaire and philanthropist has resigned from the Board of Columbia Business School, claiming the Ivy League institution has expressed a “moral cowardice” that has left Jews feeling unsafe on campus.

In an Oct. 30 letter posted to social media one week later, Henry Swieca wrote that he needed to resign to “make a principled stand regarding recent events.”

“To my deep regret, the reputation and integrity of Columbia University, and by extension Columbia Business School, have been significantly compromised by a moral cowardice that appears beyond repair,” he wrote.

Swieca called the recent Hamas attacks against Israel “revolting” and said that statements from the school are “meaningless” when “pro-Hamas students” are allowed to march on campus yelling slogans that call for the destruction of the Jewish state.

“This is abhorrent,” he added. “Any other minority group on campus would never have to face anything close to this level of intimidation and hatred of Jewish and pro-Israel students experience.”

You can see his letter below:

A brave and honorable member of the Board of Columbia Business School resigns in response to the university’s refusal to condemn Hamas’ crimes against humanity and its support of pro-Hamas organizations on campus. pic.twitter.com/1Hmqw9TO8g

— Shai Davidai (@ShaiDavidai) November 8, 2023

Bravo, Henry Swieca.

All board members of every university that has displayed such moral cowardice should resign with similar letters.

To remain on such boards is to condone antisemitism, nihilism, and jihad.

The civilized world is watching. https://t.co/nhq5A4oBOn

— Craig Biddle (@CraigBiddle) November 8, 2023

Jewish billionaire Henry Swieca quits Columbia U board

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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