• July 14, 2024

Another Letter from a Reader: Americans Still Seething Over Stolen Election

 Another Letter from a Reader: Americans Still Seething Over Stolen Election

The left and their media want you to think you’re alone in your thoughts and belief.

They tell you Joe Biden won the election.

You know it’s a lie.

This came from a reader earlier today.

Good morning, I’m a truck driver here in Missouri, but I drive in all 48 states. I have spoken to several mail contractor drivers (mostly from 10 roads, a contractor) who says that the trailer would have had to have had a GPS locator, (mail is considered high value freight) in addition to the default GPS on the drivers elogs. Trailer GPS is accurate enough to tell you which door a trailer is located in at a facility, within 3 ft or so. and depending on the GPS supplier the timing of all movements. The truck elogs will always have all times and locations stored. if you can access the records for both the driver, and the trailer after he went home, you have a tamper proof record of where they were at all times. You would know where the trailer went after he ran out of hours and went home, and what facility and what door it was unloaded from. (and where it went from there)

Also your story about the restaurant, it’s true. The stolen election is the ONLY story being talked about in truck stops, restraints, shippers and receivers. Many drivers are carrying firearms against regulations and many state laws, and I personally have seen quite a few people in the southwest, and southern california open-carrying weapons, where a week ago that would be unthinkable.

Keep up the good work, your site and actions may well save the republic.


Source: The Gateway Pundit

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