• April 17, 2021

Armed Left wing militia attacked GOP rally in Atlanta: Details

 Armed Left wing militia attacked GOP rally in Atlanta: Details

by DP Deskn Apr 2, 2021

Georgia Republicans rallying for election integrity in Atlanta Wednesday were met by armed left-wing militia members, according to the state party chairman.

A statement posted to Facebook included images of masked, armed men and women, some of them wearing tactical vests and helmets.

State GOP Chairman David Shafer argued that armed demonstrators waving American flags or wearing “MAGA” hats would have attracted much more attention, “pandemonium” and calls for gun control.

“We were greeted by armed gunmen in tactical gear carrying AK47s and AR15s,” Shafer said. “They were not state troopers or National Guardsmen protecting the Capitol. They were privately organized, leftist militia, wearing masks and dressed in all black.”

State police confirmed that there were armed demonstrators at the Capitol but reported no criminal activity or arrests.

“The armed persons at the Capitol were expressing their constitutional right to bear arms and were not causing any trouble,” the Georgia Department of Public Safety told Fox News in a statement.

The rally came as several GOP groups announced they were intervening in a Democrat.READ more here

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