• September 29, 2023

AT&T Closing Flagship Store in San Francisco, Citing Changing Consumer Shopping Habits

 AT&T Closing Flagship Store in San Francisco, Citing Changing Consumer Shopping Habits

So many companies are closing locations in San Francisco that it’s getting hard to keep track.

Just yesterday, we learned that Cinemark is closing their downtown theater, now we find out that AT&T is closing their flagship store in the city.

Where does all of this end?

The San Francisco Standard reports:

AT&T To Close Downtown San Francisco Flagship Store

Telecommunications giant AT&T will close the company’s Downtown San Francisco flagship store, the company told The Standard.

“Consumer shopping habits continue to change, and we’re changing with them,” AT&T spokesperson Chris Collins said on Thursday, confirming the closure. “That means serving customers where they are through the right mix of retail stores, digital channels and our phone-based care team.”

Collins said there are still two AT&T locations within one mile of 1 Powell St., the Financial District store at 425 Market St. and the Chinatown store at 851 Clay St. AT&T has over 10 stores and licensed retailers across San Francisco.

The closure isn’t unique to San Francisco. The Union Square store will shutter Aug. 1, a similar store in Chicago on Michigan Avenue will close the same day, leaving the nation’s only AT&T flagship store in Dallas.

“We are proud of our continued presence in the community, not only through our retail stores and our local investment in world-class connectivity with our 5G and fiber networks,” said Collins. “All retail employees affected by this change will be offered jobs at one of our other many retail locations within the city.”

The doom loop is real.

Businesses are dropping like flies in #SanFranciscohttps://t.co/HeyNAByDi3

— Dr Nazreen Kadir (@lettywho1) June 15, 2023

Another one bites the dust in #SanFranciscohttps://t.co/xdLZ1y9qEp

— SMHonk (@SMHonk1983) June 15, 2023

What they call a doom loop has gained momentum. https://t.co/E6mypm5A8K

— Saulo Londoño (@SauloLondono) June 15, 2023

Some people have noted that there are other AT&T locations in the city but that’s hardly the point.

This is their flagship location. That means something.


Source: The Gateway Pundit

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