• February 3, 2023

Attorney David Clements Rebuts Recent Reuters Hit Piece – They’re Terrified Americans Will Learn the Truth About Elections

 Attorney David Clements Rebuts Recent Reuters Hit Piece – They’re Terrified Americans Will Learn the Truth About Elections

Attorney David Clements sat down with Jim and Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit to discuss the recent hit piece by Reuters.  Reuters attacked Clements with a long garbage piece that didn’t address what he was saying but rather attacked him for saying it.

Reuters released a report this past week about David Clements on Wednesday.  They didn’t attack any of his positions on the 2020 Election steal, they attacked him.

Reuters shared in part:

While Americans prepared to vote in November’s midterm elections, David Clements was finishing up a month-long speaking tour that sealed his reputation as a leading election denier.

In rural Ohio, the former professor told his audience that rigged voting machines had robbed former President Donald Trump of victory in 2020. In Cherokee County, Georgia, a crowd cheered after Clements demanded that local commissioners reject the results of future elections. In Washington, D.C., he spoke at a right-wing rally near the U.S. Capitol while counter-protesters shouted obscenities and called him a fascist…

… in just two years, the myths peddled by Clements and other election deniers have reshaped America’s political landscape. Seventeen states – home to almost a third of the population – now have an election denier as governor, attorney general or secretary of state, according to States United Action, a nonpartisan watchdog group. In an October poll by Reuters/Ipsos, two-thirds of Republicans said the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

The article goes on and on attacking Clements for his audacity to review and report that the 2020 Election was stolen.  After all this, Reuters went on to say that Clements worshiped President Trump.   Clements responded that he’s not even a registered Republican and he didn’t back President Trump at first.

After President Trump’s successful actions with the economy, foreign policy, and more, Clements jumped on the Trump train like the majority of Americans did.

Reuters refused to address Clement’s claims about the stolen election for the most part and instead chose to call him names.

TGP’s Jim and Joe Hoft addressed the article and attacks on Clements in the interview below.

Clements shares when asked why they are going after him now:

I don’t do that route. [look for the shiny object or one case to destroy the election fraudsters]  I basically organize, equip and train people at the local level to educate the people that

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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