EMP / Bioweapons / Cyber Attack Threats – Is China

Steel Truth General Paul Vallely discusses the additional threats that the Chinese can levy: EMP and Cyber attacks! Also in the continued fight against Covid-19, BlueSky Global, Founder, Michael Seitz, joins to discuss revolutionary technology that captures and cleans air on a large scale to prevent the spread. Also simulcast on: www.periscope.tv/thesteeltruth http://www.standupamericaus.org/sua/ https://www.bluesky-global.com/ http://newshourfirst.com/2020/03/31/c… https://yournews.com/ann-vandersteel/ […]Read More

Fast and Furious: The Government Lied and People Died!

Steel Truth The Obama Era Gun Running Operation is STILL ONGOING….Operation Fast and Furious Victims have yet to be heard and justice served. Fast and Furious Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VictimsofFas… Dawn Hobson Twitter @KimberlyDawnHo2 Wesley Felix Twitter @wesleyfelixpsi Like SteelTruth? Support here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/stee…Read More


Vets For Trump is addressing and supporting our vets mental, physical and spiritual needs through the unity and collaboration of this great organization. Wayne Lonstein, CEO of VFT Solutions, is battling social media disinfo daily. The world of livestreaming is ripe with #FakeNews….Learn how it can be managed effectively! Joshua Macias @joshuamacias | Twitter @trumpvet […]Read More

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