• January 19, 2021

COVID-19 Pt. 2: CDC’s New “PIC” and The Hidden Data

In part 1 of this 5-part report on Covid-19, Corey’s Digs detailed a necessary reality check due to the media creating a frenzy over hospitalizations, despite the fact that the 2017-2018 flu season was hit with 810,000 hospitalizations, far more than Covid, and no one heard a peep about it. There were no lockdowns, restrictions, […]Read More

COVID-19 Hospitalizations: Reality Check

Televisions, computers, radios, and cell phones are blowing up with the media sounding the alarm: “hospitals are reaching full capacity!” while governors slide back into their authoritarian lockdowns. Back in March we heard the same panic-stricken message and were flooded with images of people lined up to get into hospitals, shortages of beds and ventilators, […]Read More

A Library for Redpilling: Volume 3

Below is a library catalog with direct links to Corey’s Digs investigative reports and videos that break the reports into categories, as well as fantastic resources and tools for researching and fact checking! This catalog is updated twice a year and is available in pdf downloaded for free in The Bookshop, where dozens of investigative […]Read More

Dig It! Podcast: Elections, Covid & The Great Reset

We covered a lot of points in this podcast! Edge detailed what is taking place in each state with this election battle. Corey covered information regarding Covid and lockdowns. The Speaker talked about the Great Reset. And, we all chimed in on several other topics that we feel are on a lot of people’s minds. […]Read More

PA Election Analysis: HUGE Anomalies & Indisputable Data

Joe Biden had said that he would not concede the election until the states have certified the votes, yet he did just that. While the world holds its breath over election shenanigans, President Trump’s legal team is working overtime, filing suits, gathering affidavits, speaking with whistleblowers, calling voters who may not have voted, pulling obituaries, […]Read More

World Holds Its Breath Over Election Shenanigans

By James Fitzgerald Back in 2000, when liberals were partying in the streets celebrating the victory of President Elect Al Gore, three lawyers were drafted in to investigate the result — they were Brett Kavanaugh, Niel Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett. The rest is history. All three are now associate justices of the Supreme Court, […]Read More

Dig It! Podcast on Elections

This week’s podcast covers the current status of our elections, what has transpired, and where it all may be heading. Keep the faith, stay strong, and hold the line. Read More The post Dig It! Podcast on Elections appeared first on coreysdigs.com. Read MoreRead More

Here We Are, And Together We Stand

Together, we’ve walked the path, fought the battles, stood our ground, and never gave up. We shredded every fake news story, filled every open crack with facts, and regurgitated it until it stuck. We dug deeper than the FBI, exposed more than the MSM, and polished each piece of evidence until it shined so bright, […]Read More

When Big Government Gets Into Bed with Big Tech

By James Fitzgerald There can be no doubt any more that there exists a four-headed hydra that reaches into every facet of our digital lives — and which has been given our tacit permission to give or take our freedoms of expression as it sees fit. The Google-YouTube-Twitter-FaceBook axiom has risen to unprecedented power across […]Read More

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