• May 18, 2021


VIDEO: Shotgun Toting Shop Owners Fend Off Looters In LA,

A crazy scene unfolded during yet another day of mayhem in Los Angeles. A couple of shop owners in Van Nuys were guarding their store with shotguns, with the help of a few neighbors. Would-be looters pulled up and started getting out of their cars, only to be confronted by the guys with the shotguns. […]Read More

US DOJ Claps Back at Rogue and Corrupt Judge Emmet

  The Barr Justice Department dropped its case against General Mike Flynn last month after bombshell documents were released that proved Flynn was framed by Comey’s FBI. But the Clinton-appointed Judge Emmet Sullivan made a shocking, political move to delay justice for General Mike Flynn. Judge Sullivan extended the case by soliciting amicus briefs to […]Read More

Senator ‘Little Marco’ Rubio Lies and Says Far Left AND

Senator Marco Rubio claims far right activists are blamed for violent riots going on around the US today!  Outrageous! Various domestic terror groups on BOTH far left & right are instigating & committing acts of violence & looting. They are stealing the focus away from the murder of Mr. Floyd & the legitimate problems it […]Read More

BOSTON: SUV Careens Through Crowd Of Rioters, Police Move In

As the protesters turn into rioters in Boston, one motorist wasn’t going to be a victim, as they plowed through the crowd during WCVB’s live broadcast: WCVB video shows SUV colliding with protesters in #Boston street. @petereliopoulos was reporting live @OnWCVB at the time. #BREAKING#BostonProtestshttps://t.co/Cmm1RPHxY7pic.twitter.com/rR24y5Sctf — WCVB-TV Boston (@WCVB) June 1, 2020 WCVB reported: During […]Read More

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