• December 6, 2023


The Purge Continues: Conservative Stefan Molyneux Banned from Twitter a

The tech giants are colluding in their attacks on conservative speech. Last Tuesday YouTube banned popular conservative philosopher Stefan Molyneux after 14 years. Stefan ran the largest philosophy channel on YouTube with nearly a million subscribers, thousands of videos, hundreds of millions of views and billions of comments. Stefan wrote about his banishment on Twitter […]Read More

The Former Lady Antebellum Music Group Is Now Suing Black

The former Lady Antebellum, left (photo by Keith HInkle), soul singer Lady, right (photo via Lady A’s Instagram). Follow along here, as there are multiple layers of irony at play; On July 8th, country band Lady Antebellum changed there name to simply Lady A to capitulate to the rioting BLM woke cancel culture mob. Turns […]Read More

Radical Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant Vows to Overthrow the

Communist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant (Socialist Alternative) gave a victory speech Tuesday night after passage by the city council of the so-called Amazon Tax in which she vowed to overthrow the United States, replacing the government and society with a “socialist world”. Sawant, 46, immigrated from India as an adult with a B.S. in […]Read More

Chief Justice John Roberts Hospitalized Last Month After Fall

The Supreme Court belatedly disclosed Tuesday night that Chief Justice John Roberts, 65, fell and was hospitalized overnight last month. A seizure was ruled out by doctors with the fall being blamed on dehydration and Roberts’ injury to his forehead from the fall needing sutures, according to a Supreme Court spokeswoman. Roberts fell from a […]Read More

“Duckworth is Too Afraid to Defend Her Own Statements” –

On Monday night Tucker Carlson blasted Senator Tammy Duckworth for suggesting that she is open to removing all statues of American founding father George Washington. Duckworth made her remarks on CNN over the Independence Day weekend. In response to Carlson’s remarks Senator Duckworth went to twitter and took a swipe at Tucker. Rather than argue […]Read More

WATCH: Middle-Eastern YouTuber Destroys The Idea Of White Privilege In

Middle-Eastern American YouTuber Patrick Bet-David who runs the channel Valuetainment with 2.4 million subscribers, shared his thoughts on “White privilege” during a Facebook Livestream. “White privilege. Let me get this straight. So that means somebody has privileges over me because they’re white? Really? You really believe that?” “I don’t buy that. Had somebody that messaged me […]Read More