• December 6, 2023


Woke Harvard Senior Claims TikTok Video of Her Saying She’ll

A Black Lives Matter TikTok video by Harvard Senior Claira Janover in which she threatens to stab and watch bleed out “the next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity to say ‘all lives matter’” went viral Tuesday in spite of a disclaimer Janover posted under the video stating “for legal reasons […]Read More

BREAKING: Trump’s 2016 Arizona Chair Jeff DeWit Will Join Campaign

There have been rumblings in conservative circles that big shake-ups were coming in the Trump Campaign. Tonight Axios broke the story that 2016 Arizona Trump Campaign Chairman Jeff DeWit will join the 2020 Campaign as Chief Operating Officer. According to Axios DeWit is a Jared Kushner ally. Axios reported: Michael Glassner, the man who organizes […]Read More

WATCH: Venezuelan Woman Warns Americans About What Happens After Removing

Venezuelan political activist Elizabeth Rogliani posted a video warning Americans to be concerned about the toppling of statues and attempted erasure of American history. “I remember the statues of Christopher Columbus being knocked down.  After that, the street names changed. Not all of them, but quite a few of them,” said Rogliani.  “They changed the […]Read More

New Poll Finds 38 Percent Of Voters Believe Joe Biden

Joe Biden is not the man he used to be. This is obvious to anyone who watches him try to string a sentence together these days. A new poll confirms that people see this for what it is. The Washington Examiner reports: Poll: 20% of Democrats ‘think Biden has dementia,’ 38% among all voters Joe […]Read More

Democrats Delete Tweet Calling Trump 4th of July Celebration a

The Democrats tweeted a statement on President Trump’s planned 4th of July celebration at Mount Rushmore (to be held on Friday the Third) as a “rally glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore.” The tweet was deleted soon after it was posted Monday night. Archived version at this link. The Trump campaign’s Matt Wolking wrote, “June […]Read More

4 Children Shot, 18 People Dead, 47 Wounded in Weekend

Mayor Lori Lightfoot 65 people were shot across Chicago this weekend as Mayor Lightfoot pushed for police reform and lectured the city on Coronavirus safety measures. Four children were among the 65 people shot. A total of 18 people died, including 2 children and a baby. Fox 6 reported: The weekend gun violence brought Chicago […]Read More

HORROR! Far Left Mob Beat Christian Man WITH A STICK

Last week the Gateway Pundit announced a prayer rally on Saturday at the iconic St. Louis Statue on Art Hill in Forest Park in St. Louis City. The radical left wants the St. Louis statue removed. Several priests showed up at the statue on Saturday to pray around the time of our rally. One local […]Read More

Black Washington Post Editor Deletes Tweet Saying ‘White Women are

Democracy dies in darkness, but racism thrives in broad daylight at the Washington Post. Karen Attiah, Global Opinion editor for the Post, posted several racist attacks against white woman on Twitter Sunday, including one that warned white women they are lucky black people aren’t seeking revenge on them for among other grievances voting for President […]Read More