• November 23, 2020

Editor @Investigator_51

Sounds Like We’re Going to Hear Important Info About Possible

Deep Multiple reports have indicated that the Durham investigation has now turned into a criminal investigation with U.S. Attorney John Durham being very interested in talking with both the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and the former CIA Director John Brennan. Reports have suggested that the investigation changed and expanded in nature when […]Read More

Impeachment farce causing crippling congressional chaos

Rep. Jason Smith Never before in our history has the House of Representatives pursued an unsanctioned impeachment investigation of a president. Since launching the unilateral crusade against President Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has failed to provide any institutional rules for these proceedings — a clearly partisan campaign in direct defiance of our democratic values of […]Read More

Detmer Healthcare Plan

Lower Costs, More Personal Choices, Better Access The main goal of this plan is to mitigate the damages of Obamacare and chart a new course for health care reform—one that is patient-centered and market-based. By replacing the Obamacare spending with a block grant to the states and restoring state authority over some critical regulatory matters, […]Read More

The $15 Minimum Wage

To truly understand the negative impact of the $15 minimum wage, I will show how a 107% increase in the minimum wage will result in a negative outcome for businesses, their employees and the economy as a whole. I will use an imaginary fast food restaurant called Balil’s Burger Joint for the example. Let’s say […]Read More

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