• May 19, 2022

Editor SheilaG

Coming to You Soon!

by Sheila G November 20,2021 On January 15, 2022 Conservative Choice Campaign will begin releasing for publication the voting grades and records for every Republican Senator and House Member. We are doing this as a public service to you for helping you choose who you will or will not support in the 2022 election. Stay […]Read More

13 Traitor Republican House Members Vote Yea!

by Sheila G November 7, 2021 Part 1 It is time to wake up, folks. We have been deceived again by members of our party.  If the 13 Republicans had voted no, the infrastructure bill would have failed because 6 Democrats also joined the Republicans in voting no. Two of the thirteen are stepping down […]Read More

Conservatives – Call to Action!

by – Sheila G Representative Cat Cammack – FL03 is asking for everyone to please call their House of Representiave to vote no on the reconciliation bill.  She is stating this is urgent action! Below are the key contents: Food  Source $6500 methane tax on 30,000,000 dairy cows in America $4500 methane tax on 93,000,00 […]Read More

Are We Facing Economic Collapse? Do You Know the Difference

by Sheila G September 29, 2021   Some of you do not understand that funding the government with a spending bill is a separate and entirely different function than hiking the debt ceiling. It is imperative to know that defaulting because the debt ceiling was not raised is in no way just another government shutdown. […]Read More

FBI Agent # 1, Unnamed Internet Exec – you want

September 27, 2021 by Sheila G. Durham’s indictment of Michael Sussman, charged with lying to the FBI, is another case that has been exposed. This indictment provides an extraordinary tale of treason and failure within the highest levels of our nation’s law enforcement and justice system resulting in another stain on America.  Share on:Read More

Worldwide USA -Organized Protests

September 19, 2021 by @nacho_Gina     A note from the Editor:  This is the brief story of how an American citizen, Gina, living in the UK, and a German citizen, Harry, living in the Germany, came together to form Worldwide USA and brought America into the fold with “Official Voice” (Formerly, World Wide Demonstration) who […]Read More