• July 14, 2024

Bernie Sanders Admits Democrats Blocked COVID Relief For Americans (VIDEO)

 Bernie Sanders Admits Democrats Blocked COVID Relief For Americans (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi recently admitted that the hold-up of COVID relief over recent months was all about politics, making her one of the most evil human beings alive today.

Now Bernie Sanders has admitted the same thing, although he seems to believe it was a mistake to do so.

Remember that no one in Congress has missed a paycheck since this whole thing began.

Townhall reports:

‘That’s Right’: Bernie Sanders Admits Democrats Blocked COVID Relief Bills

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) agreed with CNN host Jake Tapper on Monday when he said Democrats, particularly Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), were the ones who continually blocked meaningful COVID-19 relief bills.

“You talked about that 1.8 trillion dollar bill that the White House, Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, was working on with the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats walked away from that bill,” Tapper said.

“That’s right!” Sanders interjected.

“Because [Democrats] wanted 2.2 trillion and they walked away from 1.8 trillion. Was that a mistake?” Tapper asked.

“That’s what I’m saying! Exactly what I’m saying! Here was a proposal, much, much larger. Democrats said, no, not good enough and now we are prepared to accept a proposal which has, I think, $350 billion in new money and which has, we believe, I believe to the best of my knowledge, corporate immunity language as well.

Watch the video below:

WATCH: Even Bernie Sanders acknowledges much of the pain Americans across the country are facing now could have been avoided had Democrats come to the table when Republicans tried to pass targeted COVID19 relief back in September. pic.twitter.com/XUqzdnKqq0

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) December 8, 2020

Why is this the first time that we’ve heard Bernie Sanders talk about this on TV?

It might have been more helpful for him to say something months ago.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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