• July 22, 2024

Biden Celebrated July 4th With Taliban Alliance

 Biden Celebrated July 4th With Taliban Alliance



  1. rick says

    The embarrassing facts of the Biden Administration working with the Taliban during the US evacuation from Afghanistan continues. During the actual air flights out of Kabul, the Taliban was given by the US the important role of security of the crowd trying to enter the runway to gain entrance to US cargo planes leaving Kabul. US troops were on the inside perimeter of the crowd but not the outside perimeter. The bomber who killed 13 US military personnel as well as over a hundred innocent Afghans went through the Taliban so called security.

    Still I have a question as it is reported that a US marine identified the bomber and had him in his sights. He asked permission to take him out and that was denied by a US person in charge. I want to know who was that person- name and rank – and why hasn’t he been identified and charged with dereliction of his responsibility? Military personnel are usually charged with reacting too harshly to problems on the ground but what about not acting and allowing a bomber to kill US and Afghan civilians? Another example of Biden Administration protection of those who didn’t speak up about Biden’s complete mishandling of the evacuation. If someone is charge with anything than maybe eventually Biden will be charged as well. Better than not to charge anyone with anything to protect Biden, the main culprit of a stupid plan that resulted in US deaths, Afghan deaths and a turnover of weapons, helicopters, tanks, night vision eye wear, and loads of US hundred dollar bills. That amount is in the millions as the Bagram air base, which should have been the proper evacuation point, served not only as a weapon depository but as the US Bank for all expenses in Afghanistan.

  2. somehistory says

    Dearborn, Hamtramck, Orlando, Miami, NJ and Boston….where various viper pits are known to be.

    Russia’s putin announced a few days ago that Russia is working with the taliban to thwart the terrorists of isis.

    biden and the taliban, putin and the taliban….next zelenski and the taliban, and china and the taliban.
    The next gathering of the G8 will be the G9….they’ll include the taliban

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