• January 30, 2023

Big Transcript Drop! Dr. Fauci Knows Nothing!

 Big Transcript Drop! Dr. Fauci Knows Nothing!

Wikimedia Commons, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Joe Bide

An important transcript just dropped in the Missouri vs. Biden case. Louisiana is also involved in the case.

Wikimedia Commons, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the outgoing Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was subpoenaed to testify in Missouri vs. Biden free speech case.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry tweeted about the case: During COVID-19 crisis: social engineering tactics were used against the American public – not to limit your exposure to a virus, but to limit your exposure to information that did not fit within a government-sanctioned narrative.

AG Landry helped depose Dr. Fauci and said, “It was amazing, literally, that we spent seven hours with Dr. Fauci—this is a man who single-handedly wrecked the U.S. economy based upon ‘the science, follow the science.’ And over the course of seven hours, we discovered that he can’t recall practically anything dealing with his COVID response.”

“It was extremely troubling to realize that this is a man who advises presidents of the United States and yet couldn’t recall information he put out, information he discussed, press conferences he held dealing with the COVID-19 response.’

Fauci’s main points:
  • “I don’t recall” 174 Times
  • “I haven’t seen that.”
  • “I think we need to put these documents into context.”
  • Told colleagues not to wear a mask while advocating for mask mandates later.

Fauci appears to be a fraud who is criminally liable.

You can read the 446-page transcription of Dr. Fauci here or below.

135885afauci112322 Full Redacted

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