• December 6, 2023

Birds Falling from The Sky by The Hundreds of Thousands?

 Birds Falling from The Sky by The Hundreds of Thousands?

Over the past month there has been a lot of buzz about birds, but perhaps the most shocking news, was the story about “hundreds of thousands of birds, possibly millions” having fallen from the sky to their death. This story was picked up by local and major news sources, but with all of the distractions, it didn’t get a lot of traction across social media platforms. I suspect that’s going to change in the weeks to come, because there are some strange anomalies with this, and I want to get out in front of this story before it grows wings.

On September 12, the Farmington Daily Times reported that 300 dead migratory birds were being examined by biologists from White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and New Mexico State University at Knox Hall on the university’s campus. In other reports, it was clarified that the large number of birds found dead at White Sands Missile Range and White Sands National Monument happened on August 20th. This was thought to be an “isolated incident” according to Martha Desmond, a professor at NMSU’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology. That said, prior to this report, there were no reports about the birds at White Sands and the only photos show a handful of deceased birds that are said to have been collected from White Sands and other sites in Dona Ana County, New Mexico.

Desmond was joined by two NMSU graduate students and Trish Cutler, a wildlife biologist at WSMR to evaluate the carcasses. Desmond said that residents were finding birds behaving strangely and gathering in large groups before dying. Whereas the biologists suspect the wildfires and dry conditions in New Mexico may be playing a role and pushing the birds out before they were ready to migrate, Desmond made certain to allege that “climate change is affecting the abundance of insects, it’s affecting the volatility of the fires, and the scary thing is this may be an indication of the future.” There is no mention of crops and agriculture that haveRead More

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