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BREAKING: Body Found In River Near MSU Campus Believed To Be 18-Yr-Old College Student Brendan Santos…Missing Since Oct 26

 BREAKING: Body Found In River Near MSU Campus Believed To Be 18-Yr-Old College Student Brendan Santos…Missing Since Oct 26

100 Percent Fed Up– It’s been more than 80 days since 18-yr-old Rochester Hills, MI resident and Grand Valley State University student Brendan Santos went missing. The college freshman was visiting friends at Michigan State University for the MSU vs. UM football game weekend. Santos was last seen leaving Yakeley Hall, a dorm on the MSU campus, around midnight; according to the police report, and was heading to another dorm on campus.

The Santos family and friends of the family have been relentless in their efforts to find Brendan.

Concerned students, friends, and perfect strangers joined the Bring Brendan Santo Home Facebook Page, as well as their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Flyers offering rewards and showing current images of Brendan, along with the items that were likely in his possession at the time of his disappearance, were distributed around campus and around the East Lansing community. Volunteers in Michigan and across the country place flyers in rest areas and businesses in several states.

As more time elapsed, hopes for finding Brendan alive began to fade for many, but his parents continued to keep the faith that their son would be found.

Fox 2 Detroit – Brendan Santo’s phone was last pinged near Michigan Avenue and Beal Street shortly before midnight.

His parents said he seemed to be in good spirits the night he disappeared, and his last texts were to his friends telling them he was on his way.

“He shared his location with one of the friends so that all seemed normal. You know, that’s our challenge, you know. They’ve communicated that with police. They’re like, ‘Yeah, he was texting us normal,’ and his phone just went out,” Brad Santo said.

“The challenge for us is going to bed every night not knowing where your son is,” Brendan’s father, Brad Santo, said. “It’s tough.”

The Santo family has been returning to the Michigan State campus nearly every day since last October, retracing steps and playing out theories in an effort to put the missing pieces of a puzzle together.

“I’ve tried climbing the wire over there,” Santo’s father said of trying to retrace his son’s steps. “It just doesn’t seem he’s obviously much younger than I am; it is just not an easy, not an easy thing to get over.”

Police initially believed Santo hadn’t gone too far since his

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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