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BREAKING: John James Concedes To Do-Nothing Senator Gary Peters In Race That Was Lost In Crooked Wayne County [VIDEO]

 BREAKING: John James Concedes To Do-Nothing Senator Gary Peters In Race That Was Lost In Crooked Wayne County [VIDEO]

After several long weeks of watching President Trump and his legal team fighting to uncover massive voter fraud in Michigan, successful business owner and combat veteran, John James, Republican Senate candidate for Senate, has conceded his race to America’s most unremarkable and very dirty Senator, Democrat Gary Peters.

100 Percent Fed Up – Truth be told, Gary Peters ran such a dirty campaign when he first ran for US Rep in Michigan that he inspired me to become more politically active, as a way to stop people like him from obtaining positions of power in Washington D.C.

Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) on left, Republican Senate candidate John James.

MLive– After Republican U.S. Senate hopeful John James lost a tight race to incumbent U.S. Sen Gary Peters, an attorney representing his campaign told Wayne County elections officials he had “serious concerns” with how ballot-counting played out there.

PJ Media – On the morning of November 4, John James appeared to have a clear lead over Democratic incumbent Senator Gary Peters.

But by Thursday morning, that narrow lead had turned into an 80,000 vote deficit after some middle-of-the-night maneuvers by the notorious ballot counters at the TCF Center in Detroit.

During public comment at a Wayne County Board of Canvassers meeting Thursday morning, Charlie Spies, counsel for the James campaign, claimed Republican poll challengers were intimidated and “were not allowed to do their job, or actually meaningfully participate in the poll-watching process.”

He also expressed concern that the campaign had not yet been able to view video surveillance of ballot drop boxes, and asked the county to either hold off on its canvass or amend canvassing procedures to allow more “meaningful participation” from the public.

“This whole process has been rife with questions, we’re very concerned,” he said. “It calls into question the integrity of this whole process.”

Here’s the very dirty Senator Gary Peters (D) mocking John James and his campaign’s allegations of voter irregularities “pathetic.”

@GaryPeters laughed out loud when asked what he makes of @JohnJamesMI campaign allegations of irregularities with election results. Peters says James needs to accept his loss. pic.twitter.com/2FejVhqBgo

— Malachi Barrett (@PolarBarrett) November 5, 2020

James, who positioned himself as a fighter, was careful not to align himself too closely with President Trump throughout

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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