• December 8, 2023

Chicago Alderman Rushed Away by Police When She’s Confronted by Angry Residents Protesting New Migrant Camp (VIDEO)

 Chicago Alderman Rushed Away by Police When She’s Confronted by Angry Residents Protesting New Migrant Camp (VIDEO)

Chicago Alderwoman Julia Ramirez had to be rushed away by police this week when she was confronted by a mob of angry residents who were protesting the site of a new migrant camp.

Tensions have been rising in Chicago for months as the city has become overwhelmed with illegal border crossers.

A large portion of people who live in the city clearly do not want the sanctuary city policies that have been embraced by their Democrat leaders.

Breitbart News reported:

Revolt: Diverse Chicago Suburbanites Block Migrant Tent City, Mob Alderwoman; Police Spirit Her Away

Chicago Police rushed Alderwoman Julia Ramirez away from Mayor Brandon Johnson’s proposed site of a “migrant tent city” in Brighton Park after local residents gathered Thursday to vociferously oppose the project.

Hundreds of angry residents gathered on the Southwest Side near 38th Street and California Avenue, where Johnson is planning to erect a tent city for illegal border crossers, even as winter approaches.

City crews have been cutting down trees, clearing ground clutter, and leveling the ground in preparation for the construction of the migrant housing facility.

The 12th Ward Alderwoman arrived on the scene quietly with an aide, but once protesters recognized her, they began to confront her about the mayor’s plans. According to the Chicago Tribune protesters began yelling and surrounded her aggressively.

“The protesters, mostly Latino and Asian, had been holding signs in English and in their native languages with messages for the mayor and Ramirez, demanding that the construction in the area cease immediately,” the paper reported.

You can see the moment Ramirez was rushed away below. This video is very loud:

Migrant protest#Chicago never voted for a sanctuary city

Ald. Ramirez Monday:
“….be open minded and not buy into the fearmongering & false information spread by right-wing, anti-immigrant voices who wish to divide our city.”

Too late The Truth is outpic.twitter.com/3dnTMddzX5

— Peace & Love Eternal (@sampeaceamerica) October 19, 2023

Ramirez later released this statement saying one of her staffers was injured in the scuffle.

My statement on today’s protest and the temporary shelter at 38th & California pic.twitter.com/f5rs9IjsFr

— Alderwoman Julia Ramirez (@the12thward) October 19, 2023

Communities around the country are being pushed to a breaking point by Biden’s open border.

Chicago Alderman Rushed

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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