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Child Sex Trafficking with the Rich and Powerful: The Jennifer Guskin Story

 Child Sex Trafficking with the Rich and Powerful: The Jennifer Guskin Story

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

We met Jennifer Guskin back in 2018, when one of my reporters interviewed her after Baltimore Department of Social Services had medically kidnapped her baby daughter. See:

Mother Who Was Sexually Trafficked as a Child in Foster Care Has Her Own Baby Medically Kidnapped – Fears for Her Safety

Jennifer was very concerned about her baby who was put into foster care, and forcibly vaccinated against her and her husband’s will.

She was especially concerned because she too had been put into foster care as a very young child, and then sexually trafficked to the rich and powerful in the Washington D.C. area for years. So she was understandably concerned about something similar happening to her baby, and as we have documented over the years, our nation’s foster care system is the #1 pipeline for child sex trafficking.

We vetted her story like we did with every other Medical Kidnapping story, by reviewing her documentation and medical records in her child custody case, and then interviewing her for her side of the story.

2018 was the second year in the Trump presidency, and the Q and Qanon movement was starting to really pick up speed, reporting many cases of child trafficking, all with the hope that President Trump was going to arrest those responsible and stop this horrible system.

This led some, like Jennifer, to decide to go public with her own story of how she was trafficked.

In the end, unfortunately, only Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, but he never faced trial.

I’ve known Jennifer’s story since 2018, and have had all of her videos copied and backed up in the Cloud for going on 5 years now.

Her story is so horrific, far worse than anything else we have ever published, that I never published it or gave her exposure, because I knew few people would believe it.

But her story is not unique. It involves MK Ultra mind control and experimentation, along with grim details of murder and Satanic ritual abuse.

And because she was trafficked in Washington D.C., she names names.

But now, it is time to publish her story. I tracked her down today and spent some time chatting with her, and unlike most stories similar to hers that we have covered in the past, she has not given up.

She told me that her daughter is now part of her life again, and she is trying to get her back home.

She wants her story told, in the hope that America will wake up and understand the full scope of just how serious of an issue this is, like a cancer that is growing and killing our nation.

Many of you should probably not watch this video, as it could cause you severe emotional trauma. If you have watched the documentary published by Polish film producer Patryk Vega, called “Eyes of the Devil,” and were able to handle that, then please know that Jennifer’s story is far worse.


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