• July 13, 2024

CNN to Host Pointless 2024 Town Hall Event for Chris Christie Moderated by Anderson Cooper

 CNN to Host Pointless 2024 Town Hall Event for Chris Christie Moderated by Anderson Cooper

CNN is going to host a 2024 town hall event for former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie which will be moderated by far left host, Anderson Cooper.

According to Real Clear Politics, Christie is currently polling at one percent.

Given his dismal polling, one has to wonder why CNN is bothering with this event.

The Hill reports:

CNN holding town hall with Chris Christie on June 12

CNN will host Chris Christie for a town hall on June 12 as the former New Jersey governor launches a longshot bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

The CNN announcement Tuesday came moments after Christie formally entered the 2024 race, joining a growing number of Republican candidates looking to take on former President Trump, who has been far outperforming his competitors in recent polls.

Christie will be the fourth candidate to join CNN for a town hall. CNN has already hosted town halls with Trump and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and the network will hold the next one with former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday…

Christie’s town hall will be moderated by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who will be fielding questions from audience members and asking his own prepared slate of questions.

This is causing some people on the left to ask obvious questions.

So Democratic challengers to Biden who are polling in double digits don’t get a CNN town hall, but Chris Christie does?

What’s the logic? https://t.co/ybNagzuFSs

— Peter Daou (@peterdaou) June 7, 2023

Chris Christie is polling at 0%. Marianne is polling at 11%. CNN invites Christie for a town hall and never asked Marianne. Shameless hacks. https://t.co/AzFulHX6gt

— Secular Talk

(@KyleKulinski) June 7, 2023

RFK Jr, a Democratic challenger to Biden who is polling near ~20%, doesn’t even get any real coverage let alone a CNN town hall… but Chris Christie who is polling at 0% does? https://t.co/uT0QFrvWLj

— Stephen Geiger (@Stephen_Geiger) June 8, 2023

How do you think this will do in the ratings?

Will anyone actually tune in and watch?

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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