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CNSNews on Surge in Voter Distrust of Media

 CNSNews on Surge in Voter Distrust of Media

Kyle Drennen

November 16th, 2021

On Monday, CNSNews Editor Craig Bannister reported on a new survey finding that “A majority of U.S. likely voters now say they both distrust what the media’s telling them about political issues and think the media is being softer on President Joe Biden than they were on his predecessor, Donald Trump.” He explained that the Rasmusssen poll “finds that 53% of U.S. voters distrust the media’s political reporting – a ten-point jump from the 43% who distrusted the media four months ago, in July.”

Bannister went on to note how many Americans saw the glaring double standard in the press:  “Overall, 58% of all voters say the news media are less aggressive in questioning Biden than they were in questioning Trump, while just 17% think the media are tougher on Biden.” He pointed out that even “more than a third (38%) of Democrats concur that Biden is being treated better.”

Read the full article on CNSNews.com.


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