• July 21, 2024

Coca-Cola distances itself from Israel, falsely claims it has factory in ‘Palestine’

 Coca-Cola distances itself from Israel, falsely claims it has factory in ‘Palestine’



Since October 7, “dozens of companies, including Coca-Cola, have seen a decline in sales in Muslim-majority countries, with consumers calling for a boycott of firms believed to have links with the Israeli government and military.”

So now Coca Cola has taken the art of pandering to Muslims to a whole new level. The company launched ad campaigns in many predominantly Muslim markets, and then falsely claimed that it was operating in Muslim countries where it wasn’t, as well as in “Palestine.” Its deception was so far-fetched that the company even managed to irritate “pro-Palestinian advocates.”

Meanwhile, Coca Cola’s chief competitor, Pepsi, owns SodaStream, which put the company on the hit list for BDS (boycotts, divestment and sanctions) activists. In Egypt, two top stars, Amr Diab and Mohamed Salah, are being slammed “for appearing in a controversial Pepsi advertisement,” intensifying calls for a boycott of the “Israel-friendly” company.

“Coca-Cola takes a hit after dishonest pro-Palestinian ad falls flat,” World Israel News, June 18, 2024:

The soft drink giant Coca-Cola has come under fire after the company debuted an advertisement which critics say is misleading at best, if not outright dishonest – in addition to angering supporters of Israel worldwide.

Following the October 7th invasion of Israel and the subsequent war between the Jewish state and the Hamas terror organization, Coca-Cola has faced growing calls for boycotts in Muslim-majority countries around the world, with anti-Israel activists citing the company’s operations in Israel.

In an effort to curtail further losses, Coca-Cola has launched local advertising campaigns in a number of predominantly Muslim markets, including a 60-second video commercial run in Bangladesh, where local media has reported a 23% decline in Coca-Cola sales since October 7th….

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