• May 24, 2024

Columbia University Is a Warning Shot!

 Columbia University Is a Warning Shot!


The people rallying outside Columbia University are anti-American anti-Semites who hate all of us. They don’t support the innocent people of Gaza. They support Hamas and Hezbollah. These people are communists and socialists. I used to go to these events to spy on them when they were Occupy Wall Street, the fledgling movement. These people are radical leftists who want to take down America.

This is the warning shot. Will Americans listen and turn this around? Universities are hotbeds of radicals.

While FBI Director Wray is chasing down people who love America, some who got out of hand on J6, he is ignoring radicals who hate America and want to destroy the nation.

When I went to Occupy one day, I followed Susan Sarandon for a while. She is a major anti-American commie. Listen to her spiel at Columbia on this link. The chanting is an important part of the commie training. They always have bongo drums too.

Occupy was a white person’s movement and the organizers were hiring black people on the Bowery to rally. They decided the next action had to be to lure in black people. Black people aren’t big on rallies. They then came up with the Black Lives Matter rallies.

Now they have radical Arabs. Diversity isn’t who we are.

The people in this crazed Columbia U fiasco are basically the same people who were at Occupy, Trayvon Martin riots, Ferguson riots, George Floyd riots, and now Columbia. Only now, we have radical Islamists added to the mix. I even recognized some of the organizers in two of the riots. Occupy was funded by organizations tied to Mayor Bloomberg and George Soros, and many others.

Occupy was funded by organizations tied to Mayor Bloomberg and George Soros, and many others.



These delightful people said every day will be October 7, a 1,000 times October 7.

Deport them before they have an anchor baby!



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