• June 14, 2024

Dave is running for US Congress in Arizona’s Ninth Congressional

 Dave is running for US Congress in Arizona’s Ninth Congressional

Dave is running for US Congress in Arizona’s Ninth Congressional.

Dave is an international businessman who served as Executive Advisor and Consultant to the Saudi Oil Minister and President of Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world. He is an economics engineer and business consultant with decades of business and international experience in strategic operations, international operations and technology.

Dave has an MBA, a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, MA in Theology and is a Commercial Jet Pilot.

After returning to the USA, Dave founded Faros Aero engineering consulting services and Federal Firearms of Arizona manufacturing and retail firearms license. He also served as consultant to Wells Fargo Corporate offices providing financial and consulting services to the Technology Information Group within Finance.

Dave is the only true conservative Republican running for Congress in Arizona’s Ninth Congressional District. He has chosen to become a representative of “The People”. Dave will serve you in congress and will fight so you can bring home more of your money you earn and help lower taxes.

Dave only candidate in Arizona’s Congressional District Nine who supports President Trump.

  • I stand beside President Trump and his policies to grow America’s economy. This growth provides jobs and security and puts more money in your pocket. As your congressman I will continue to support President Trump’s policies and our economy to benefit you and all Americans with more job opportunities and higher wages.
  • I will defend for your security by fighting to build our border wall, stop illegal, advocate for your Second Amendment rights, fortify our military and provide our first responders with all their needs.
  • I will fight for affordable health care by making it competitive without government mandates or exclusions for pre-existing conditions. I believe you should be able to choose your healthcare company, and your insurance across state lines and that it should cover you in all 50 states. Government should never have any control over your selection of doctors, nurses or hospitals.
  • Finally, I support the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. In several cases, the federal government has exceeded its constitutional authority. Any powers assumed by the federal government but not granted to it within the constitution should be relinquished.

I need your help to defeat “Big Spending” “Sanctuary City” Stanton from running in Arizona’s Ninth Congressional District again. Stanton is a danger to our children, danger to our Constitution and voted to impeach our President Trump. The bottom line is, I need to stop him and I’m the only candidate that can do it.

Your Donation will HELP Make Arizona Red


Please be a part of the fight to stop Stanton. With your help we can reach our goals. Let’s “Make CD9 Red”.  You have what it takes to help me get over the top, and I’m personally asking for your support! 

Dave is the “Best” opportunity to make CD9 Red!

Dave Giles for Congress

PO BOX 5394

Mesa, Arizona 85211

Campaign Office: (480) 664-4971 / [email protected]

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