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Deeper in the Coverup, Early 2018 Andrew Weissmann Instructed Everyone on Special Counsel Team to Wipe Their Cell Phones

 Deeper in the Coverup, Early 2018 Andrew Weissmann Instructed Everyone on Special Counsel Team to Wipe Their Cell Phones


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In the aftermath of the late summer 2017 Page/Strzok cell phone text messages, which started to identify the DOJ and FBI targeting operation against Donald Trump, the DOJ Office of the Inspector General (OIG) decided he better look at the communications inside the rest of the Mueller-Weissmann team.  Early in 2018 IG Horowitz asked for all of the special counsel cell phones.

Andrew Weissmann knew there would be trouble, the special counsel operation was at a critical juncture {GO DEEP} so he instructed the team to wipe them clean, quickly.

Eventually records were released in 2020 [SEE HERE] showing how the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel team “accidentally” wiped 15 iPhones of all data early in 2018 after the phones were requested by the OIG office for review.

Mueller’s lead investigator Andrew Weissmann said he “accidentally” wiped two phones himself; through a lengthy process of entering the wrong passcode several times over a period of three hours; removing data to show his activity during the special counsel.

Weissmann claimed to have entered the wrong password (takes ten attempts) and that erased all the data.  Greg Andre, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s criminal division, made the same claim.

Wiping your phone to hide damaging information only works if the other phone you are communicating with wipes the same data.  Guess what happened?  Yup, exactly that, all of the cell phones connected to the key participants in the Muller operation deleted their phone content rendering a review impossible.

James Quarles III, who worked with Mueller in private practice at the Washington office of Wilmer-Hale, claimed his iPhone magically erased itself.


Before joining the special counsel team, Mr. Rush Atkinson worked under Andrew Weissmann in the DOJ’s criminal fraud section where he specialized in financial fraud.  Atkinson claims he too entered the wrong password ten times and accidentally erased all the data.

At least twelve other people assigned to the special counsel investigation had similar “phone wiped/erased” issues which blocked the inspector general from his review.

One “accidental” method used repeatedly was to place the iPhone in airplane mode and then lock it without providing the password.

Retrieval attempts then erased all data and returned to factory settings after unsuccessful passcode entries.

[PDF Link Available Here]

As we have previously mentioned the two-year Weissmann/Mueller special counsel, May 2017 through April 2019, was a continuum of the corrupt DOJ and FBI efforts that originated prior to the 2016 election.  Most of the internal FBI and DOJ officials just transferred from the Clinton email investigation, into the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, and then into the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel investigation.

The corrupt activity within the special counsel tenure was actually worse than the corrupt activity that preceded it.  In early 2018 the Special Counsel operation was at the apex. The special counsel team had just discovered the investigation of Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director James Wolfe, from the FBI investigative file turned over to them for review before the criminal grand jury was seated. {Go Deep}

DC U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu, in charge of the criminal case against Wolfe, had just notified journalist Ali Watkins (New York Times) of the search warrant that was used to look at her communications with senate security officer.  There was a confluence of events swirling around the Weissmann team that needed to be handled very carefully if their cover-up operation was to continue.

There were also concerns in the early spring of 2018 the special counsel could be shut down if all of these issues were not handled carefully.  Thankfully, the special counsel team had full control over Main Justice and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was giving them free rein to preserve the institutions under the auspices of the Trump-Russia investigation.

It was in the early spring of 2018 when a great deal of activity was needed in order to tamp-down and cover-up the DOJ and FBI conduct.   The Office of the Inspector General asking to review their communications was problematic.  So, the special counsel team scrubbed all the phone information, reset their priorities and got back on mission.  To give you an idea how difficult it is to wipe an iPhone, watch this video.

This was not done “accidentally”:


The gateway to expose the corrupt DOJ and FBI officials does not lie at the end of the path where you find Hillary Clinton, Perkins Coie, Fusion-GPS or any of their cohorts and corrupt political/media allies.  Following that trail leads to obfuscation, ‘mistakes were made’ justification and institutional preservation.

Instead, the way to expose the corrupt DOJ and FBI officials, lies at the end of the path walked by the Mueller-Weissmann special counsel.

Follow that Weissmann trail and you walk right in the front door of Main Justice and the central Washington DC FBI office.

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