• December 2, 2023

Democrat Star Cal Cunningham’s Mistress Has Nude Photos – Slept with Him at Family Home

 Democrat Star Cal Cunningham’s Mistress Has Nude Photos – Slept with Him at Family Home

North Carolina Democrat US Senate candidate Cal Cunningham, center, participating in the pussy march in 2017.

Democrat senate candidate Cal Cunningham admitted last week to exchanging sexually charged text messages with a California based PR strategist.

The married father of two is running against incumbent Thom Tillis in North Carolina.

Cal Cunningham with his family

Patrick Howley of National File broke the initial story:

North Carolina Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham is swapping sexts and arranging to meet with the wife of an Army veteran, NATIONAL FILE has exclusively learned. Arlene Guzman Todd is the female paramour of candidate Cunningham, according to a friend of Guzman Todd’s in North Carolina who spoke with our source. NATIONAL FILE has obtained sexual text messages exchanged between Cunningham and Guzman Todd.

Cal Cunningham, who is a married father of two, has focused his U.S. Senate campaign against Republican Thom Tillis on Cunningham’s service as a veteran in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Cunningham is evidently engaged in extramarital activity with the wife of a fellow veteran.

Cunningham refers to Guzman Todd in the text messages below as “historically sexy,” imagines kissing her, says he has been dreaming “of our time together,” and the two plan for Cunningham to make up an excuse for his family and ditch a staffer so the two can meet and, in Guzman Todd’s words, “kiss a lot.” Guzman Todd says she wants “a night with you” and Cunningham agrees that he wants that too. Guzman Todd says that “the only thing I want on my to do list is you” and Cunningham says that “Sounds so hot and so fun!”

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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