• February 3, 2023

Don Lemon ONCE AGAIN Justifies BLM Violence

 Don Lemon ONCE AGAIN Justifies BLM Violence

CNN cannot bring itself to condemn the appalling violence committed at BLM protests this summer and violence inciting rhetoric used by Democratic politicians because it agrees with the left’s use of political violence. On Friday night’s CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon once again excused leftist violence and joined with political analyst and VP of digital content at theGrio Natasha Alford to freak out over Trump’s defense team using a video for the impeachment trial of leftists committing violence and Democrats calling for violence. Lemon attacked the video for “showing people of color, especially black women” and Alford justified both violence and the rhetoric of Democrats by claiming that “Black women have every right to be sick and tired.”
Read the full article on Newsbusters: Don Lemon ONCE AGAIN Justifies BLM Violence | Newsbusters


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