• May 28, 2023

Elections in Chile: How Patriots Can End the Violent Attacks on Democracy and Restore Sovereignty

 Elections in Chile: How Patriots Can End the Violent Attacks on Democracy and Restore Sovereignty

From Kenosha to Chile, the violent leftist playbook is the same: Burn, Loot, Murder

As the USA brace for violent riots in the wake of the Rittenhouse trial, the South American country of Chile will hold national elections Sunday. Chile is facing its own version of the global leftist attack on conservative governments, from India and Israel, to Hungary and Poland, to Donald Trump and Eduardo Bolsonaro.

In capital  Santiago de Chile, violent leftist radicals have been rioting since 2019,  burning churches and subway stations. When Soros-linked journalists leaked the illegally hacked Pandora Papers in October, it led to a failed impeachment attempt against President Sebastián Piñera. Now, on Sunday, the Chilean people have the chance to make their voices heard. An essay on Patriotism and Globalism by Chilean-born political observer Sven von Storch

National Sovereignty: How to Make Latin America Great

by Sven von Storch

The Great Reset and Great Recession

The world is currently facing two major challenges: First, the fight for a possible New World Order. The global leadership of the United States has turned into a struggle between the USA and China for world domination. And secondly, the international financial and currency system is facing a historic collapse.

These two factors pose a grave threat to the order, stability and security of the world, at the moment of Chile in particular, which faces national elections this Sunday. Like in the Cold War, Latin America is in danger of becoming a pawn in the Great Game of the superpowers. Chile and other countries could be crushed between these forces.

The Patriots: Defenders of National Sovereignty

This power struggle between the superpowers is also a struggle over two opposing visions of the New World Order, and the future of the world we will live in. The competing visions are those of the Globalists and the Patriots. The ongoing struggle we see in the United States is also a struggle between Globalists and Patriots.

Patriots want to preserve the traditional international order of sovereign nation-states established with the Treaty of Westphalia 1648, and provided peace and stability even during the Cold War. Patriots want to defend national borders, economies, democracy, the balance of powers, constitution, rule of law, parliaments, governments, freedom of speech, cultural heritage, the family as the basic unit of society,

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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