• January 28, 2022

Email turns up! Adam Houseley’s report on the Hunter laptop

 Email turns up! Adam Houseley’s report on the Hunter laptop


Reporter Adam Houseley said the laptop is Hunter Biden’s, and this story is real. Also, he has a copy of an email sent by Hunter Biden’s lawyer to John Paul Mac Isaac, the shop owner who had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptops. The letter was in reference to getting the computers back. There were three, and two could not be restored according to some reports. Mr. Houseley, an objective reporter, said he has “zero doubt” this is legit.

Hunter didn’t even remember when he dropped the computers off at the Delaware repair shop. That is why the lawyer thought he brought them to the shop in 2017.

Jonathan Turley is questioning the timing of this release. [Usually, Democrats are the only ones with an October surprise.] But, as Housely says, we should be more concerned that the FBI had this information for a year-and-a-half and did nothing.


Houseley answers more questions:


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