• July 21, 2024

Erika Cashin Republican Candidate for Congress says Google Me!

 Erika Cashin Republican Candidate for Congress says Google Me!

Erika Cashin-Veteran -Republican Candidate for Congress

As a Republican activist, one of your key responsibilities is to properly screen each candidate to determine who is most electable. I wholeheartedly welcome this screening, and invite you to Google me, as well as the other candidates to check our personal and professional backgrounds.

In doing so, I’m confident you will find I have the widest depth and breadth of experience in this race. This includes military, leadership, corporate, volunteerism, and life experience of any candidate – experience that also significantly defines how I will effectively contrast against Angie Craig. I will also use these skills and experience to best serve you in Congress.

Go beyond the first several pages of a Google search on any of the CD 2 Republican candidates. All include similar links on our announcements and political candidacies, but here are just a few of the stories you’ll find about me:

Success Magazine article, 7 Women Who Rock
Saluting our Sisters After Service
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How I Started a Military Mentorship Network
Invisible Veterans, chapter author
Rally Point, Celebrating the Military’s Women
TEDx Organizer X=independently organized TED event
National Defense Magazine, America’s Warrior Partnership, Community Integration Symposium, Panelist
University of Michigan, National Summit on Military and Veteran Peer Programs 2016
Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs Women Veterans Conference 2017
Defense Advisory Committee on Women In the Service, DC, Public Comments
Real Leaders, article, More than 250,000 Women Lean In
Omaha World Herald, article, Sandberg’s Lean In Circles
7th Infantry Division, Sisters In Arms Conference
Minnesota Timberwolves, Heroes of the Pack
Women In Public Service, Speaker
For 24 years, I’ve lived under the oath of office to defend our U.S. Constitution, and service for others has defined my entire adult life. The Core Values of the Air Force are Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellence in All we Do. These values have defined me for almost two and a half decades, and resulted in significant impact worldwide.


Some run for congress to be someone. I’m running for congress to do something.

That “something” is to defeat the threat to America’s foundational principles posed by the progressive left, and enact conservative solutions to the challenges facing our country.

In service to you, our state and nation,

Erika Cashin
Republican Candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s Second Congressional District

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