• December 7, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Delta Airlines and TSA Target & Intimidate a Passenger Without Cause

 EXCLUSIVE: Delta Airlines and TSA Target & Intimidate a Passenger Without Cause

On March 7, 2021 a Delta Airlines flight attendant targeted a first-class passenger for not wearing a mask – only, she was wearing a mask and following “the rules.” She took it so far as to report her to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), who followed up with a threatening notice, citing incorrect and exponentially high fines to potentially intimidate this passenger, while informing her that this is going on her “compliance history record.”Delta Airlines took it so far as to put her on a no-fly list with them. See both letters below.

What began as a day of exhaustion for Shannon (not real name) because she was about to spend an entire afternoon and evening in airports for a long travel home to Nevada, while sick (not from Covid), turned into a horrifying experience of being harassed throughout the flight by a flight attendant.

Shannon entered the airport to her connecting flight with her husband, both donning their masks. Yet, when Shannon stepped foot onto the plane, the flight attendant informed her that she wasn’t wearing the “correct” mask and needed to change it. She was wearing a “homemade mask made of a piece of solid material, without slits, exhalation valves, or punctures” as per CDC’s exact guidelines, reflected on the TSA orderThe mask allowed Shannon to breathe a little better than when sporting the maxi pad style mask that the flight attendant was requiring. Despite being sick with inhalers on hand, Shannon complied and switched her mask out.

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