• May 28, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Follows and Questions Citizen Journalist After He Confronted Alleged Jan 6th Fed Informant Ray Epps

 EXCLUSIVE: FBI Follows and Questions Citizen Journalist After He Confronted Alleged Jan 6th Fed Informant Ray Epps


Just over a week ago, two citizen journalists – Kyle Becker and AmericanGreyson – confronted alleged Jan 6th FBI informant Ray Epps outside his ranch in Arizona about his role with the notorious ‘Oath-Keepers’ and why he had mysteriously disappeared off of the FBI’s persons of interest lists, managing to avoid getting charged with any crime.

Unsurprisingly, he wanted nothing to do with their line of questioning. Once he realized what the pair was there to do – he hopped on his golf cart and high-tailed it away.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Suspected Fed Operative Ray Epps Confronted at His Ranch on His Role in January 6 US Capitol Set-Up

On the eve of the January 6th protests, Epps can be seen on multiple videos encouraging the mayhem that eventually ensued the next day. In one video from the 5th, he can be seen wearing a MAGA hat while defending Antifa and telling the crowd they needed to “go into the Capitol.”

Epps can be seen on another video from the 6th leading the charge towards the Capitol. Once he arrives at the police barricades, he leans forward and says something to the people at the front of the line – which is when the agitators began their real push forward and knocked down the fencing. 


Ray Epps “We Need To Go Into The Capitol” Supercut!
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(@mescubamike) October 25, 2021

It just doesn’t add up. 

After Becker and Greyson confronted Epps at his ranch on October 27th and video of the incident went viral, they were contacted by Epps’ daughter – Tiffany Jones – who wanted to speak with them about her father’s role on January 6th and his potential involvement with the FBI.

Becker, with the help of the American Populist Union, was able to conduct a video interview, which can be found on his Youtube channel here.

During the interview, Tiffany Jones said that although she does not know “for sure” whether or not her father is an FBI informant, if he was, the news “would not surprise her at all.”

She had also only recently found out about Ashli Babbit’s murder, for which she holds her father “personally responsible.”

On October 5th, just one day after the interview with Epps’ daughter was posted online, Greyson noticed a car suspiciously following him home from the grocery store. When he got home, he unloaded his groceries, went inside, and within minutes received a knock at his front door.

What a coincidence… It was two Federal Agents with the FBI.


We have now been followed home and questioned by the FBI after our videos confronting Ray Epps as an alleged Federal Informant and interviewing his daughter. The FBI claims not to know who Ray Epps [email protected]@AmericanGreysonpic.twitter

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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