• March 28, 2023

Families Know Best!

 Families Know Best!


Youth always rely on their family since birth & families nurtured them & guided them through this process of life. I am sure within that family is someone, parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. who told that youth ‘if you ever want to talk about something I’m here,’ that’s what families do, whether it be: how big is the ocean or what is a transgender?

Those are family issues & family can find the facts to answer those questions. Any intrusion of government, by not being invited into that family process is a direct attack on the Family Institution & a violation of their sovereignty as American citizens. It is an effort to cause division & strife, to break down the family structure, by taking away Family rights. Because of the educational system families now have race issues to address, & when they do the Attorney General of the US in a department memo calls them ‘domestic terrorists,’ think about that. The success of a Socialist or Communist govt relies on intrusion into the family structure which ends with control, that process is happening in America.

Wanna bet after the Nov elections the media will turn on Biden? They don’t want him running again, he served his purpose, got them in the White House now it’s time for him to go, he is a detriment to them. I wonder if the boots will be on the ground after November, you know like before when Democrats lost an election, with BLM & Antifa on the streets, etc. supported by the Democrats in many ways. The govt will be busy with challenges & litigation over the election results, media will have to say the election was stolen. Hey, I always get ready for the worse & hope it doesn’t come true. I always wondered just how many Patriots are in America, couldn’t really figure that out, I believe we are soon to find out how many Patriots are in America, I feel good about that.

Just in case you were not aware, the protestors of Jan 6th were just standing around in front of the Capital protesting. It was not until, for some unknown reason, the Capital police started firing tear gas into the crowd that they became aggressive. I wonder why the Jan 6th Hearing did not produce that video, or many others?

Tina Ramirez, Virginia state Senate candidate, sent a tweet to her followers wishing them a happy Columbus Day, journalist David Leavitt reported her to Child Protective Services accusing her of promoting rape & racism, among other things. This is what they do, they attack anything & everything, they attack Patriots, if they can attack the biology of a woman & a man there is nothing they won’t attack, regardless of facts. Although, it seems like Leavitt is encountering legal problems because of his actions.

We Build the Wall’s Tim Shea was convicted yesterday in another kangaroo court in NY City by an Obama Judge, just another one of many facing a ‘justice’ system.https://e.populistpress.com/ga/click/2-1237062-11-3107-6206-219473-81780482a4-tcc0a32684

I know we need to help others wake up at all costs. However, I can’t shake this feeling we are dealing with ignorance, if at this point people don’t see & feel the dangerous position America is in as we are living it, people must know something is wrong, or as I said it’s just ignorance. So, to the ignorant people out there, good luck with that. As for what is left, common sense people, some believe November will go down in American history as the time when American Patriots rose to save the Republic created by our Founders on the blood of many Patriots. I know I’ll be able to say I lived during the time of the most massive voter turnout in American history. Yes, most Americans are awake at the most crucial time in American history.

Our next major issue is who leads in Congress, sorry McConnell is out for me, can’t trust him. Who do we want for Speaker of the Senate? I don’t know, there a few like Rick Scott of Florida, I would be comfortable with that or someone like that. So, we have Kevin McCarthy, obvious House Speaker, or is he? I don’t know is he fully committed; do I recall a few slips here & there? There are a few others, might be something to investigate unless you trust McCarthy to stand strong.  https://amac.us/mcconnell-threatened-by-america-first-candidates-puts-his-feelings-ahead-of-party-during-midterm-elections/

While we are at it lets restore the Law to this Republic & let’s know the difference of a Democracy. https://www.thoughtco.com/republic-vs-democracy-4169936

I think communication is paying off, so many people are now aware of Americas problems & the cause of them. Yes, we will make history, people may make a movie of it, ‘America Rising.’ It has a nice ring to it, cheer up, have some fun & vote.

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida

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