• September 29, 2023

‘Flash’ Film Featuring Controversial ‘Non-Binary’ Actor Ezra Miller Bombs at the Box Office

 ‘Flash’ Film Featuring Controversial ‘Non-Binary’ Actor Ezra Miller Bombs at the Box Office

The Warner Bros. movie “The Flash” opened this weekend and seriously underperformed at the box office.

It’s possible that the public is just tired of superhero movies, but it’s also likely that people have heard too much about the movie’s strange star, Ezra Miller.

Miller, who identifies as non-binary and uses ‘they/them’ pronouns, has been in the news multiple times over the last few years and not for good reasons.

Variety has the box office details:

‘The Flash’ Disappoints With $55 Million Debut, Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ Flops With $29.5 Million in Battle of Box Office Lightweights

“The Flash,” a superhero adventure starring Ezra Miller, emerged victorious over Pixar’s “Elemental” in a battle of box office lightweights.

This weekend’s two new releases were once expected to ignite the summer blockbuster season; instead, both entirely missed the mark. “The Flash” stumbled with $55 million and “Elemental” collected just $29.5 million in their respective debuts. Both films fell short of already-low expectations. Worse, they were pricy endeavors, costing $200 million to make and roughly $100 million to market, so they are shaping up to be huge disappointments in their theatrical runs.

In the lead-up to “The Flash,” executives at Warner Bros. worked hard to convince the public that the film is “one of the greatest superhero movies ever made,” per newly minted DC Studios co-chief James Gunn. Directed by Andy Muschietti, the story picks up as Miller’s Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash travels back in time to prevent his mother’s murder and inadvertently cracks open the DC multiverse…

“This is a weak three-day opening for a superhero [film],” says David A. Gross, who runs the movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research.

These numbers are a disaster for the studio.

#TheFlash is now projected to end its worldwide box office run under $350M which would be less than:

-Black Adam
-Black Widow

Warner Bros will lose $300M on this movie as a result of the underwhelming response from fans. pic.twitter.com/yAjqaq206n

— Media & Money (@nextmediaxyz) June 18, 2023

The studio never held Miller accountable, but people remember his bizarre behavior.

i stg if i see one more dc fanboy tweet about how great Ezra Miller is… pic.twitter.com/GW9zEI0EBE

— tipps (@David_Tippie) June 14, 2023

This is a video of him appearing to choke a woman.

Movie fans just don’t want to reward this kind of behavior. Who

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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