• March 31, 2023

Friends Don’t Use Friends as Bear Bait

 Friends Don’t Use Friends as Bear Bait


So… I find this bizarre news article today about how friends don’t push friends in the path of bears to escape an attack. I am like – WTF? Can this be possibly real? Is this the Babylon Bee at it again? You can find this story on CBSCNNFOX and more. Yet, not a single news organization questions why the Federal Government, in all its wisdom is spending tax payer dollars promoting this advice?

So, my first thought is why did the National Park Service decide that this needed saying to a national audience and did they really say that?

Turns out this all seems to have come from the following tweet:

Why, yes Dorothy, we are not in Kansas anymore and yes, our government is spending our money to deliver the following message:

I mean – our Federal government, in conjunction with big tech can’t and won’t allow the main-stream media to discuss vaccine injuries and death, but spending our money on how to not throw someone under a bear is ok?

But it all gets even more surreal, in searching for the bear story on the National Park Service website, I found a coloring activity for children that is so disturbing – I am still considering what exactly to think about this.

Yup- this is a real coloring activity found on a government website.

  • Is the meaning of this coloring activity on the National Park Service website that children need to learn to not push or throw other people in front of bears?
  • Or is it that little children shouldn’t try to catch bears by using other people as “bear bait.
  • Then my next thought is the Federal government actually trying to give a bunch of boys ideas?
  • Or maybe the real message is stay away from the National Parks, danger lurks around every corner.
  • Or this just a metaphor on how we should treat each other?

Can you imagine the National Park Service meeting where they discussed this initiative?

The best explanation I can come up with is that this is actually some person or group within the National Park Service trolling the press


Weird and quite disturbing pretty much sums up my thoughts on all of this.

Somehow we have gone from “Smokey the Bear” to humans as bear bait.

original 1944 “Smokey the Bear” poster

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