• March 29, 2023

Funding the Control Grid Part 3: The Food Framework

 Funding the Control Grid Part 3: The Food Framework

By The Sharp Edge

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” This quote has been attributed to Henry Kissinger, though he denies ever saying it. Kissinger certainly did, however, perfect the weaponization of food through The Kissinger Report during his tenure as Secretary of State.

The Kissinger Report outlined a covert operation to force compliance with a depopulation agenda using food aid as leverage in underdeveloped countries of strategic U.S. interest. The report posited the following questions: “Would food be considered an instrument of national power?… Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth? Should the U.S. seek to change its own food consumption patterns toward more efficient uses of protein? Are mandatory population control measures appropriate for the U.S. and/or for others?”

The use of food as a weapon of war is a centuries old tactic, perfected in recent decades by the likes of Kissinger, and passed down through his protégé Klaus Schwab. Schwab’s World Economic Forum has planted Young Global Leaders throughout the world to carry out a continuum of Kissinger’s depopulation plan, in-part by controlling and transforming the food supply. Weaponization of the food and water systems is one aspect in a much larger scheme to create a control grid over the entire global population.

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