• December 1, 2023

Here We Are, And Together We Stand

 Here We Are, And Together We Stand

Together, we’ve walked the path, fought the battles, stood our ground, and never gave up. We shredded every fake news story, filled every open crack with facts, and regurgitated it until it stuck. We dug deeper than the FBI, exposed more than the MSM, and polished each piece of evidence until it shined so bright, there was no denying it. Like a dog with a bone, we never stopped the chase. To my fellow diggers, late night truthers, and seekers of justice… I salute you. We carried the torch of truth for four long years, no matter how much they tried to beat us down into submission, censor us into oblivion, or break our spirit – and, here we are.

In just three days we will witness a red wave turn into a tsunami. The energy can already be felt. I fully believe that no amount of voter fraud can reverse what is coming, and no level of legal challenges will hold up. A rise of insanity, chaos, and destruction will be met with force.  Any plans to prevent this presidency from moving forward will be thwarted. This is the only way it can be, for what is yet to come is the dismantling.  The world has spoken, all eyes are on the U.S., and united we stand with those across all borders who equally want the new world order regime to be removed, the Deep State to be demolished, and all whom have perpetrated evil on the people to be imprisoned.

Here we are. Now is the time – our time. We have wrestled with these demons for far too long. They have held power over us in unimaginable ways, through domination of our minds, finances, physical health, and well-being. They have lost their grip on this control, this spell they’ve had everyone under. They are visible. They are seen. They are known. And, they will fail. It is the only way forward.

Together, we have sacrificed so much to expose the realities that lurk in the shadows, the espionage taking place before our very eyes, and their dangerous agendas they have in store for the entire world. They will fail. They must fail. The energy has shifted and no matter what comes our way, we will not submit, and we will not stand down. We built the momentum, created pacts across the globe, and we are bringing this homeRead More

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