• July 20, 2024

Homesteading Tips from John Moody + Upcoming Rogue Food Event!

 Homesteading Tips from John Moody + Upcoming Rogue Food Event!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with John Moody, a brilliant author, homesteader, and co-founder of the annual Rogue Food Conference. I wanted to pick John’s brain to extract some of his tips & tricks and advice when it comes to homesteading from the smallest of places to large amounts of acreage. I also wanted to get the scoop on what he will be talking about at this year’s Rogue Food Conference, and what other speakers have in store for us. I was pleasantly surprised!

John will be teaching a 3-hour intensive on local food distribution, why most models fail, and how to build an alternative local food system. After reviewing the homesteading tips below, be sure to scroll down and check out the details of this event coming to Florida for the first time, this March.

John has been homesteading for 12 years, has written 5 books, established the Louisville Whole Life Buying Club, has traveled all over to teach others how to create co-ops and buying clubs, plus offers consulting services. He has extensive experience in beating the government at its own games. His buying club was the first in the nation to be raided by health authorities, and win! He has helped dozens of others across the nation do the same.

Be sure to check out Seeds for Generations below under Seed Saving to get 100% heirloom seeds from a wonderful family farm in Virginia, who also provide free training on seed starting and garden planning!

Homesteading Tips from John Moody

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