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HORROR: Police Find 115 Decaying Bodies in ‘Green’ Funeral Home in Colorado (VIDEO)

 HORROR: Police Find 115 Decaying Bodies in ‘Green’ Funeral Home in Colorado (VIDEO)

Police in Colorado recently discovered 115 decaying human bodies in a ‘green’ funeral home.

You have to feel for the loved ones of these people, who were denied dignity in death. Maybe the lesson here is to avoid ‘green’ businesses for important things like end of life services.

The scene inside of this place must have been like a nightmare.

The Associated Press reports:

Police found 115 bodies at Colorado ‘green’ funeral home while investigating putrid smells

The awful smell seeped from a neglected building in a small Colorado town for days, followed by a report that made police take a closer look at the “green” funeral operator’s storage facility. Inside, they made a gruesome discovery: At least 115 decaying bodies.

Investigators were tight-lipped Friday about exactly what they found inside the Return to Nature Funeral Home in Penrose, Colorado, but their plans to bring in teams that usually deal with airline crashes, coroners from nearby jurisdictions and the FBI pointed to a grim mess.

A state document, meanwhile, alleged funeral home owner Jon Hallford tried to conceal the improper storage of corpses. He claimed he was doing taxidermy at the facility, according to the state suspension letter dated Thursday.

Hallford acknowledged that he had a “problem” at the property, the Colorado Office of Funeral Home and Crematory Registration letter said. The document did not elaborate on the taxidermy and alleged improper storage of remains, but the facility’s registration has been expired since November.

Here’s a video report:

How awful.

115 rotting corpses, but at least it raised their sustainability score! https://t.co/VymDHKWdYn

— Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) October 6, 2023


— President Dr RollerGator MVIP PhD (@drrollergator) October 6, 2023

WTF is a “Green Funeral Home”????? https://t.co/yn4cZbGPzN

— Mr Herman (@amykay9377) October 7, 2023

Nastiness in the USA. No end in sight. https://t.co/glwonCyuDQ

— Carmen Glover (@OnPointPress_) October 6, 2023

This place needs to be shut down forever.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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